6 Week Check - FWB and No Crutches???


Back to the RBH again today. Feeling like a regular now and glad to see the lovely Bernise again.  The nurses are awesome. So had my foot washed which was lovely, but so sad to see my poor calf all floppy and looking like a giant saggy breast.

I was hoping to be able to start doing some physio as a friend who is 1 week behind me in terms of ATR is being treated in Cornwall and is already doing ROM exercises and I’ve been told to do nothing. ┬áThe protocol at the RBH is to do no active physio until after the 9 week check.

I don’t mind, I’ll take the advice to the letter and hope for the best.

They have said I should be FWB now and to loose the crutches, which seems like a total impossibility right now, but I have set myself a target to try and be walking in the boot without crutches by the time my daughter Elle gets home from the US for Christmas, which is the 19th December. 11 days form now. So watch this space.

How did anyone else get on at the 6week point when healing conservatively?

Did anyone try a leveller? What do you think?

More soon & Happy Healing, Heidi

4 comments December 7th, 2016

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