4 Week Check Up - PWB - How is that possible???

Hello there,

So week 4. I was so excited to get to the hospital again today - each day feels like a bit closer to recovery, which is great news.  I knew that today they’d adjust my Vacoped to 20 degrees and that’d mean a bit of partial weight bearing, another step closer to walking, but jeez I didn’t realise that my whole body would want to say NO! Don’t put your foot on the floor with weight on it, are you mad?

I just couldn’t do it, eventually I put a baby amount of weight through the boot and it hurt - not really bad pain but I could feel it and that felt wrong so I stopped.

I know that I need to find the courage to put weight on it, but I am terrified of hurting it and falling and making things worse. But my logical brain knows it needs this test to build muscle and not to end up with super tight calves but it’s so alien to what my body is telling me to do.

I dunno. There was some swelling when they took the boot off which I was surprised to see, I’d convinced it’d be perfect in there as I’d been willing it to be so. Thats the 1st time the boot has been off and I was also sad to see a kind of limp lifeless looking foot, unless that’s just my brain?

Anyone got any thoughts or memories on week 4 progress? I have come home a little disappointed with myself to be honest, I had hoped I’d be braver at the PWB stage.

Thats all, Heidi

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