Week 3 & The VACOped

November 10, 2016

So yesterday was an exciting day, off to the hospital for a boot fitting. Gotta say I was pretty scared when the cast came off, I became pretty fond of my trusty lightweight cast. It wasn’t heavy or uncomfortable, and it fitted brilliantly into my little wheelie scooter thing, so I had a bit of mobility which was great.

Dunno why but I expected the boot to be more mobile than the cast, but it is HUGE and pretty heavy - but then that is only when compared to the resin cast I had. 1st night sleeping was a bit tricky but I’ll get used it to.  Everything I’ve read suggests that this is THE boot for Achilles ruptures so I was delighted to see it coming out of the box at the hospital.

My heal is getting quite sore, but guessing thats cos I have the boot quite tight - anyone else notice this?  I just called the fracture unti at the RBH and Berniese, the lovely lady who fitted it for me yesterday said this was quite normal. But it is ok to release the straps a little for some pressure relief.  It does feel good letting the pressure off a bit, but I worry (I worry about alot since this incident) that if it’s too slack the healing will be slower? Any thoughts people?

Another posative is that my appitite has calmed down, and I seem to be craving good stuff. I’ve been starting the day with a green smoothie packed with spinach and pineapple, coconut water, bee pollen, line juice and chia seeds. Determined to do feed the body right and get back to normal (or as close as possible) ASAP!

Right over and out….

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  • 1. Tabitha  |  December 20th, 2016 at 9:56 am

    Hi Heidi

    me again - I just reread this post and was interested in your smoothie recipe. Just before the rupture, I had bought a Nutribullet, and once I realised I was going to be immobile for several weeks, I too worried about putting on weight, so I had one or 2 smoothies everyday instead of meals. (Made by my husband under strict instructions!) - definitely helped to make me feel brighter. I must try coconut water - I usually use almond milk. T. x

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