Beyond thrilled! I have been given the OK to start walking and physical therapy!! I thought for sure he was gonna have me do PWB for a couple weeks and then move into FWB(given my docs usual leisurely pace) but he told me to ditch the crutches whenever I was ready!

I thought for sure I’d start walking no problem, but there’s this mental block I’ve created, and my nerves are getting the best of me! Its frightening to just start walking again after being off my ankle for so long, needless to say I’m going slow. It feels so weird! I’m a little off balance too…I feel like Bambi with my shaky leg. I’m so excited to start PT though, just another step closer to wearing two shoes. :-) the incision is healing nicely too, it’s crazy how quickly the scabs smoothed out. Overall, today was a good day, thanks for all the constant support everyone!!! :-)