These past 2 days have been like Christmas, New Years Eve, and my birthday all wrapped into one. My doctors appointment went wonderfully this morning…the drainage has stopped, and I’ve been doing my ROM’s with NO pain at all which he was happy about. ┬áThe big news however, JUST incase you missed it is….I CAN SHOWER WITH TWO LEGS NOW!!!! Yes yes, I have been given the green light and I am BEYOND thrilled. To add to this good news, he wants me to give it one more week, and then I can ditch sleeping with the boot and finally get a good night’s sleep!! My excitement got to an all time high when he told me I could begin starting to walk on my next appointment, on the 24th. I’m SOOO happy, this is a complete change from Tuesday when I was ready to cut my leg off altogether.

To make this weekend completely wonderful, I’ve just been offered a new job and I start April 30th, so I’m hoping by the time I start I’ll at least be able to walk with a limp and ditch the crutches ASAP!!

Thank you everyone for your constant support, especially in my miserable sad last post. I’m so glad to be moving forward in this journey!! ┬áHave a great weekend and Happy Friday the 13th!!! ;-)


  1. ericbabula:

    Awesome news! Isn’t that just a wonderful feeling?! I remember it well, that first shower! It must have lasted 20 minutes!

    See, we told you it would get better, soon! :)

    Ok, now you need to set your next mini-goal. What would that be? Sleeping without the boot? Then, ditching the crutches altogether (except for long walks). Then, ROM exercises - get your foot to 90 degrees. Then, starting PT. Set little goals and celebrate each one when you get there! It’s fun!

    Glad you’re feeling better about your recovery, now!

    Oh yeah - Congratulations on the new job, too!

  2. stalledminidriver:

    Excellent news :-)
    It’s good to see something really positive and happy, it gives all of us hope for the next step.

  3. gkraemer14:

    Hey Victoria. Hope you don’t mind me creeping on your blog but I was just looking for one or two people “near” my age to relate too. I read a couple of your posts and believe me, I can relate. I’ve had such a hard time with this nightmare and I really struggle to be optimistic at times. I just think it’s great that you finally have something to be happy about and I wish you the best of luck as you go forward. -Greg

  4. victorialyn12:

    Hi GK, I’m so glad you can relate, I’ve read your story too. Interesting we both tore ours in a soccer game, and both tore the left achilles. Only difference is you were the keeper and I was the striker. I’m right there with you on the initial pain of the incident..I don’t think I’ll ever forget how much it hurt. Up until this blog, I was certain someone had kicked me because I was challenging an opponent for the ball..but after reading more about ATR it might have just snapped on me.

    I’m a big pessimist, so this blog has helped me a ton and given me a place to vent when my boyfriend can’t take it anymore. I wish you well, us athletes will get through this in no time, just gotta stay positive.

  5. Janus:

    Congrats on the new job! I remember that showering the first few weeks post-op, I felt like I was almost taking my life into my hands: quite the challenge. It gets better. Not fully normal yet, but much more so.

    Still, as Eric says, that first time after surgery and w/ the cast off that you can get really clean — wonderful.

    All best.

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