Today is not a good day…I need some support!19

The feeling of frustration has started to set in…I’m not really sure where it came from but it happened very suddenly last night. I’ve had a constant tingling, pins&needles feeling in my ankle that is just so uncomfortable, and last night my skin under my cast started itching like crazy. I looked up remedies online and found the one that seemed the safest and wouldn’t cause any potential damage to my skin under the cast or the injury - using a blow dryer on cool and pointing it down your cast.  Mine is too tight at this point and it was difficult pulling at it to get the cool air down there, which frustrated me more.   Basically, it didn’t help.

Also, I began icing under my knee to help with the swelling but I think due to me being so stressed out, it didn’t feel like it was really working. I know I’m in the home stretch…exactly (I hope) 12 days until I get the cast off and get put into a walking boot..but I think it’s going to be a hard 12 days..it just feels so itchy and so annoying and so painful. Sleeping is a nightmare, and I just want to shower normally. I HATE the crutches, simply because I have 2 flights of stairs I have to conquer at work every day, and the bathroom of course is on the bottom floor. I think when you have an injury like this it takes an emotional toll, because a couple days ago I felt happy and positive, and today I just feel miserable.  I just want to get back to my normal routines, be able to walk freely, be able to really stretch my leg and scratch it if I need to..I’m just SO frustrated! Any support would be great…I’m 24 years old so I think that’s also playing a role in this…I’ve never had an injury of this type and it’s difficult to overcome at times.  I guess the dreary weather here doesn’t help. :-p