How did it feel once the cast was gone for good?

My question for everyone is…what was it like when you finally had the cast off? Did the feeling of bending your ankle send you screaming?

I have 2 weeks from yesterday until I’ve fulfilled my time period of wearing the cast, and my doctor told me to bring that large space-y looking walking boot, so I’m assuming that is what I will be wearing around next. Does anyone have any feedback on what it was like putting the boot on for the first time?


  1. jimminyc:

    To me, the boot felt cosy and safe, especially after a 10 minute sit in the waiting room wearing no cast or boot with people seemingly trying to walk as close as possible to my foot. Much more comfortable than my cast which rubbed and annoyed me.

  2. Janus:

    I did limited bending of my ankle. Being in the boot definitely better than being in the splint /cast. But getting a shower for the first few weeks, I still felt I was taking my life into my hands.

    Think getting to the boot, though, is one of the major milestones in recovery.

    Wishing you — and everyone else — the best.

  3. ericbabula:

    For me, getting out of the cast was a big deal, emotionally. It was an obvious sign that I’m progressing in my recovery! The doc told me I’d be in the boot for 3 weeks before PT starts, and I should do ROM exercises 3x a day until then. He said I’d probably be on the crutches for 2 weeks, and I should put pressure on my foot as long as it doesn’t cause pain. It’s almost 2 weeks after the cast came off, and I’m able to walk in the boot w/o the crutches….very slowly and for only short distances, but that’s another big step for me! Getting rid of the crutches altogether will be the next big hurdle - can’t wait! - hoping to be there by the end of the week!

    That day when I got home after I got the cast off, I started my ROM exercises. Yes, I was terrified of over extending it and tearing my AT again! Of course, I had very little ROM. It didn’t really hurt, but everything was very tight. The thing that shocked me was how tight the bottom of my foot was! And, the pins and needles I felt when I took a step.

    Keep doing your exercises. You may have better days and not-so-great days. But, you will get there!

  4. johnsfbay:

    Euphoria and Freedom :)

    - You can take a shower without worrying about the cast being covered!
    - Once you get the boot, you are within days or weeks of being able to walk without crutches, and can actually start helping out those who have helped you!
    - You can finally let your foot and ankle breathe!
    - You can sleep without having that uncomfortable feeling of having to position the cast just right to feel ok!

    It is a really nice milestone on our long recovery paths…

  5. normofthenorth:

    After my first ATR, and surgery, I fought tooth and nail for a boot, but got shoved into maybe 3 different casts before I finally got one — way too late, based on the best evidence. Second ATR, I skipped the surgery and all the cast technicians, and went straight into a boot, non-op. The whole thing was much faster, much easier, and my conversations with my professionals were much more adult, and less like grown-up vs. little kid.
    After a week or two in an absorbent splint or plaster cast (post-op, to absorb the oozing), everybody should use a boot, post-op or non-op. It’s less expensive and better for everybody except the cast technicians (and maybe the hospital revenues?).

  6. victorialyn12:

    Thanks for all your answers everyone…I cannot WAIT to get this cast off…showering normally, SLEEPING without the annoyance and the itchy feeling…finally being able to rotate it…12 more days…

    Also, I can’t wait to start being able to do more things on my own (i.e, get something to eat, a drink of water). I honestly hate being waited on, I’m very independent so it will be nice to have some of that back!

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