2 week post op check up

Hi guys

2 weeks have flown by since my reconstruction. I have had all my external stitches removed. I then had my foot forced into a new position and I wasn’t prepared for how much that was going to hurt!!! My surgeon came to see me and told me that he wanted to be extra careful with me a) because this was my third rupture and b) because of the amount of work that he had done to it so instead of putting me into a boot (as l was hoping he would) oh no! Back in plaster for at least another 2 weeks grrrr!!!!!! And if that wasn’t bad enough he pokes his smiley head around the curtain and said “oh mrs brame no weight bearing still under any circumstances and you must keep that leg elevated at all times”  oh how I love my good looking surgeon!

Im still getting the muscle spasms and cramps and am taking diazepam for them but my surgeon has assured me they will subside with time.

I’m back in 2 weeks so will updat again them. Happy hopping peeps! X

My Achilles surgery…..

Hi welcome to my story.

Im 40 years old and live in the UK  am a keen gym goer and really enjoy cardio work outs especially running and rowing

I first ruptured my Achilles back in August 2013 during an epileptic seizure. This was treated conservatively but was still in plaster for almost 20 weeks followed by a walker book for 8 weeks and then physio. Although I had a little stiffness I hadn’t no long lasting problems.

In june this this year I ran to answer the phone and suffered a grade 1 tear to the same tendon and placed in a boot to allow it to heal however whilst in the boot I turned awkwardly and ruptured the tendon for the 2nd time. This was missed at my local hospital and I was sent away being told I had simply twisted it and to keep my physio apt despite having a very visible and palpable gap. I knew exactly what I had done. My physio apt was 10 days later. Physio refused to touch it and insisted I needed to be seen by t&o and referred me for an apt the next day. I was seen and scanned and a 3cm gap was revealed but the foot and ankle surgeon was then on holiday for 2 weeks but I was told it didn’t matter how long I waited to see him as I would need a graft. However by time I saw him,he told me it was too late to operate as it was then 5 weeks post injury and healing would already be underway. All I could do was hope for the best!!!

9 weeks later and a slight slip in the shower resulted in the tendon rupturing for a 3rd time. A scan revealed a 4.1cm gap. This time I saw my surgeon within a week and I now have surgery scheduled in 3 days time for full reconstruction and fhl graft.  I can’t say I am looking forward to it,however, I am looking forward to the chance of being able to walk properly again. I know I have very little chance of getting back to the gym to the level I was but I will have to wait and see.