Oct 02 2008

Two shoes and PT…finally

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Earlier this week I finally got the ok from the Doc to ditch the boot (slowly at first) and get into two shoes….so of course I ran (limped) home and forced my slightly swollen foot into my shoe ….. it actually felt great….I’ve been walking slowly and cautiously while at home but still wearing the boot on the way to and from work (subway rides in Boston can be dangerous without a ruptured achilles). 

The doc also started me on PT….. finally…had my first session today and although my leg is tiny and now exhausted, it feels so good to start using it again.  Best of all, the Doc said I don’t have to see him again, i’m in the hands of PT now. 

I travel a lot with my job so i’ll be doing a lot of home exercises while on the road…but still…the light at the end of the tunnel just got a little brighter!  Anyone else have suggestions on exercises to do while on the road?

Good luck to everyone out there, keep up the good work.

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Sep 10 2008

Purple foot

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted….i guess that means work and graduate school is really keeping me busy!  I’m at a little over 9 weeks…in a boot for a few more weeks but walking short distances without crutches.  PT however won’t start until October.  The scar itself looks great (I can feel a little scar tissue under the skin however).  The tendon is often tight but I’ve taken the wedges out of the boot and i’m close to completely ditching the crutches. 

The concern I have lately is the continued discoloration of my bad foot.  After a day at work or not having it elevated for a while my foot turns a nice shade of purple.  Anyone else have this problem this long after surgery?  If so how long did it take to go away.


One thing I did do to past my time is start a red sox/baseball blog….it’s actually caught on in popularity and i’ll be keeping it going….For those of you just dealing with surgery, it’s a good way to keep your mind active/off your injury……feel free to log on and let me know what you think! 



Thanks and best of luck to everyone out there!

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Jul 10 2008

the sleeping “twitch”

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I’m only three days post op and i’ve already had this “sleeping twitch” twice….which not only hurts but scares the crap out of me.  While sleeping my foot/leg with “jump” or “twitch” causing my foot to move, achilles to stretch and me to wake up in pain.  Anyone else suffer from this problem?  It is concerning to me since I’m not far from having surgery and I’m worried about rerupture or pulling out the staples…


It is not something I can control ( i don’t think at least ), so i’m just hoping it doesn’t happen often or make the injury any worse.

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Jul 09 2008

Day two post op….

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I had my surgery yesterday morning and it seemed like I was in and out of the hospital here in Boston in a flash.  I went into surgery at 7:30am and was home by 1pm ( i live about two miles from the hospital, but still).  My doctor said the surgery “went well” and while I was still very woozy I went home.  Getting up the stairs on my butt was completely exhausting but afterwards I was able to get some sleep.  Some family members came over last night and we got take out which was nice (it is always nice to have visitors).  All in all I thought things were going really well considering the circumstances of the day. 

BUT I tried going to sleep last night and that is when the local pain blocker shot wore off and I was just using the pain meds….I am on Oxycodone but it didn’t seem to do a thing last night (or this morning for that matter), anyone else have problems with this pain med not working well?  I couldn’t seem to get comfortable and was in pain all night…maybe an hour of sleep.  Anyone have any suggestions on the most comfortable way to sleep etc?  I continue to be in pain this morning and hope that it will get a little better as the day goes on.


I just keep telling myself that at this point, every minute that goes by I should be getting a little better….doesn’t feel like it yet, but i’m at least on the road to recovery now after waiting it out for the last 9 or 10 days.

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Jun 30 2008

Surgery another week + out??

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So after rupturing my Achilles on Saturday morning….seeing about ten different doctors who all “tested” my leg and told me the same thing…i go back into the hospital today to see the surgeon.  He takes off my splint cast, “tests” my leg again (which of course hurts and after which they all say “ah yes this is a classic Achilles rupture”), schedules me for a surgery for next Tuesday, and then has me put back in a splint cast. 


Anyone else run into this same problem?  I was told this morning on the phone that they might take me into surgery today….only to learn that it’ll be another week plus before I go under the knife…so much for getting right on the path of recovery.

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Jun 28 2008

where to begin?

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Well I’m sitting here laid up on my couch getting used to searching the internet for all things related to my injury to my achilles tendon and I stumbled on this site.  I just ruptured my achilles this morning playing soccer in a charitable tournament….didn’t see it coming at all, i’m an active and athletic 25 year old and out of no where POP!!!

I’m expecting to have surgery either June 30th or July 1st.  It has been nice reading all of your different roads to recoverey and I hope to offer my own once I start down that road.  Until then i’ll be here, watching a lot of tv and shakin my head at my left leg.


Best of luck to everyone!

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