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Hello all,

I am really glad to find this site.  I experienced some popping in both achilles tendons while walking last year around the end of August.  The pain started and continued without fail.  I’ve been on many anti-inflammatory drugs over my years at my employer but none helped with my pain.  I finally searched out a doctor after Christmas and he ordered an MRI.  The dr. I was seeing was a podiatrist that was in an office with several other podiatrist’s.  The MRI was done in their office and was a small machine that you only put your foot into.  When I went back to the dr for the results, there was a mix up and the name & birthdate on the MRI was for another patient.  The results from the radiologist office that they use also stated that I didn’t have any problems but the dr. said that he looked at the films and could tell that their was definately some tendonitis.  We requested for the films to be sent back and read again at the radiologist but the radiologist said he would only issue the same report again without looking at the films (sidenote: the dr office has changed radiologists).  The doc put me in a boot (up to my knee) and instructed me to take off work.  At that time, I couldn’t go on medical leave from work and continued to stand and walk all day 10 - 12 hours on concrete wearing steel toe boots.  I would wear the boot as soon as I got off work, but that didn’t help any.  By the first of May I couldn’t continue with this and sought out another doctor due to the problems at their office.  This time I went to an orthopedist.  He ordered a new MRI (didn’t trust the other ones) and the results were different.  By now, my left foot was still painful but better than the right one.  My results showed nothing remarkable on my left foot but my right foot had Tendinopaty and partial tear of the Achilles tendon, sprain versus partial tear involving the peroneal brevis tendon, cyst in the anterior ankle and edema in the pre-Achilles.

I searched on the internet for reasons for tendon damage without having any type of injury.  I came upon a site that talked about some antibiotic (Fluoroquinolone) side effects.  I went to my pharmacy and printed out a list of prescriptions that I had taken during 2007 and low and behold, I had taken 2 of these types of drugs (one in June and one in August).  I had taken Cipro and Levaquin for upper respiratory infections.  This is the only cause that I can come up with for my tendon problems. 

I finally had to take off work around May 9th 2008 and wear a walking boot on my right foot.  I went to physical therapy (iontophoresis) 3 times a week for 8 weeks.  Alot of the gunkiness has left from around my achilles tendons, but I still have alot of pain where the tear is located (where the tendon attachs to my heel). 

I’ve called the doc for a sooner followup appt to discuss other options because I can’t continue like this without loosing my position at work. 

Has any of you had similar problems due to drug side effects?

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  1. I have a similar tale in that I was treated with 2 cortisone injections to clear the inflammation around my achilles - they worked for a time - I was like a new man but of course I now know the consequences of these injections and the high rate of rupture which follows. To be fair I was warned but the pain in my achilles was stopping me functioning to the point where I couldn’t work properly and just live normally . Desperation probably got the better of me, however I have done loads of reading and general research since my ATR and its an absolute mine- field of claim and counter claim about cause and effect.If only I’d known then what I know now……………………… !

  2. I also had 2 cortisone injections from a Podiatrist and went back for a 3rd and he stated that he wouldn’t do more than 3. Six months were inbetween each one. They do increase your change of rupture but I had incredible relief and was able to go back to my tennis game each time.

    But, I got increasing worse and now know that it was a temporary fix. The heel spur was still there and the bump on my heel was bigger over the two years. I decided on surgery this August. (after the Spring Tennis Season, of course :) Hopefully I will be ready for the next Spring and can run faster! BTW, Other MD’s said that I should not have allowed any MD to inject that site…..

    So Richard and VFraley, how are you doing now?


  3. Hello Marilyn,
    Co-incidentally I met an old friend yesterday who has his own PT practise. He had heard about my rupture and quizzed me about the history (basically chronic tendon pain for about 18 months) and then asked about my pre rupture treatment. When I told him about the two cortisone injections he was appalled and even mentioned the dreaded word’mal-practice’ - However I’m at the hosp on Monday hopefully for a foot move - I’ve been in a hard cast with my foot pointing down now for nearly 10 wks! so I’m looking forward to a bit of positive news. All the best,

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