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Archive for September 29th, 2008

Dog House For Me

     Alrightttttt! My first day back to work was today. Man I missed actually seeing and interacting with real people rather than living vicariously through sitcom characters. I have watched the entire 2 and a half seasons of a sitcom called Eureka….wow, that’s a good show. Anyway, I actually drove to work today….with my left foot….and I live in America, and my wife blew a gasket. She was very disappointed in the fact that I selfishly risked my life to go to work by driving with my left foot. Umm, in my opinion, I was not risking my life, I was adapting to my situation. I have lived and driven in 3 different countries, I have driven with the steering wheel and pedals on both sides of the car, and not to mention, I have driven manual transmissions vehicles, with the pedals and equipment on either side of the car so I think I should be safe driving and automatic with my left foot. Does anyone think I am crazy here? It is not like I have both of my arms in a sling and I am driving to work using my knees to steer me all the way to work, although that would be a fun project to try tomorrow! lol

    It’s amazing to me how free I feel when I work out or when I am driving, because as soon as I get done, I almost feel as if I can stand up and walk off as if I never had this injury. I am an active person and it is only so long I can sit in that house and not do anything but watch TV all day. I have wished I can do that many of days while at work, but when I got my chance to do just that, it is not all it is cracked up to be. My wife was obviously so irate with me that she felt as if I did not need anyone to do anything for me. She walked in the house and prepared a meal for our daughter, and then she went to her room. Hmmmm, now I have to get upstairs, get my own food and carry my food and drink back downstairs while using my limpy sticks.

   You know I could have played the victim and made her feel guilty, but I said screw it and attempted to do the impossible, and I did it. I did not drop one drop….okay, I did have a little water spillage but not much, and all my food made it do the couch. HAHAHAHA! I did something on my own, and I was proud of it. But it was easier to drive to work than it was to do that crap. Next thing you know she will be replacing my pain pills with vitamin C pills to really try to do me in.

   Recently I have been feeling like a chore in the house. I felt like I was a senior citizen being cared for on a schedule. Lunch at 1230pm, short conversation between 1 and 1:15pm, Water at 3pm, etc. And to make matters worse, my daughter would come down stairs, grab some lip balm and apply it to my lips, and then put hand sanitizer on my hands?????? I have no idea why but at least she is trying. But the oddest and sweetest/weirdest thing happened today. After her and her mother came home this evening, her mother of course said nothing to me and my daughter said hello and asked if my foot was feeling better. Then she disappeared upstairs for a while as I watched old presidential debates….yeah I got THAT bored. Then she came back down stairs with about 4 of her oddest dressed dolls and sat them on the other end of the couch and did not say a word, just walked away. Now we have had conversations about her starting these toy terrorist cells all around the house before, so I asked her where she was going and why she was leaving her dolls on the couch. She then turned to me and said, “So you don’t have to be down here by yourself”. There was a moment of silence and she walked off. A four year old ladies and gentlemen, a four year old.

   Speaking of being back at work, I have a pretty cool game for you to play if you have not been back to work yet. Hopefully most people at the job have no idea about how you hurt yourself, and normally if they do, they still ask. What is with that anyway? So here is the game, every time someone new see’s you on crutches and ask what happened, you have to give them a different out of this world superhero type of story, with a straight face. If you make it through the story with a straight face, that’s 1 point. If you get them to open their eyes wide and drop their jaw, that’s 5 points. If you get a tear, that’s 50. LMAO But just so your game does not end early, I have pretty much ran the, I jumped out of a burning building with a little girl, cat, puppy…llama, in my arms and saved it’s life story has pretty much been played out. Along with my story of winning on an American gladiators episode that wont air because of the terrible injury that I gave the “other guy” while in competition. 

   Have fun out there!!