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Week 7 - Bye Bye Boot

At 6 weeks post OP the doc said I was healed enough to ditch the boot and start walking with my normal shoes and one heal lift and start PT.
So far I have been pleasantly surprised with this injury and recovery. From the beginning after reading everyone’s horror stories I was expecting 5 months before I could walk again. I can walk pretty good right now with only a slight limp that’s getting better every day.
Good luck everyone…I’m outa here!

4 Responses to “Week 7 - Bye Bye Boot”

  1. danniesays Says:

    Congrats!! Don’t forget tho, it has been kept confined and isn’t used to your full level of effort.

    I’m feeling good to be out of the boot, but i doubt it can support my 165lb of body weight, and additional to that the 2x, 3x my body weight under normal activities i normally put it through.

  2. mwhenry Says:

    Great to hear positive outcomes like this, I am just 17 days in.

  3. bevm Says:

    Good luck. The ability to walk again is such a huge victory in this recovery.

  4. AgnesATR Says:

    Congrats on walking boot free! How has it been going since? Were you advised to use any particular shoes?

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