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4.5 Weeks Post OP

Been full weight bearing since two weeks PO in a Vacocast boot set at 15°.  No issues whatsoever.  The doctors plan is for me to come in at the 6 week mark and then ditch the boot and go into two shoes and start PT.  I’m wondering if I should be adjusting the vacocast down from 15° to 10 or 5 as the date gets closer to when I should remove the boot altogether.

I have been trying to stay active as much as possible.  Pre ATR I was an avid cyclist riding 5-6 times a week and 300+ miles a week.  I’ve been doing some light riding around the neighborhood (3-5 miles) wearing the vacocast and it doesn’t seem to bother the tendon at all.  I ice every night and elevate as often as possible.  Swelling seems to be minimal.  Hope I’m not doing to much and causing any damage but since I have no pain I think I’m OK.

I’m also sleeping in the boot but would like to ditch that as soon as possible but don’t want to risk injuring it.

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  1. robertinsouthafrica Says:

    An impressive recovery. Well done. I am a keen cyclist and am interested in your progression back onto a bike. Did you start on a stationary bike?

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