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Hey who kicked me in the back of my leg??!!

Ruptured the Achilles on my left leg while playing volleyball.  Like most people here this injury was not even on my radar, hell it wasn’t even in my solar system.  I always thought this was something pro basketball players get. Not middle aged mountain bikers who also played a ton of basketball and volleyball in their 20’s.

Had the injury on a Tues., surgery was on the Friday.  No pain after surgery, no pain the next day, no pain at any time actually.  I kept it elevated and hooked up to an ice machine for the first two days almost the entire time.  After two days I had enough sitting around and had to get out of bed.  I did pickup a iWalk2.0 before surgery and practiced walking on it so I was able to get up and go outside a little starting on day 3.

I was put into a cast after surgery and two weeks later I went in to have the stitches removed and was given an “AirCast” with two wedges for 15° of plantar flexion. I was told I could have full weight bearing if I could manage it.  Since I had zero pain this was not an issue so I was finally walking! (OK limping).  I did purchase a VacoCast Pro Achilles boot as I had read all the glowing reviews and thought it was worth it. (ebay for 90 bucks with the evenup shoe and extra liner)

Incision before stitches were removed.

Not much swelling.
Not much swelling.

I was told to come back in 6 weeks and they would remove the boot and put me into a normal shoe with a heal lift and I could start PT.

So that’s where I’m at right now.  I need to start going to the gym and working some upper body and maybe start swimming. I did bike 3 miles in the boot this past Sunday on my mtn bike. (on the pavement not offroad)

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  1. Stuart Says:

    You seem to have things under control and are looking toward a good recovery but be careful when you get the shoes on as that is the most dangerous time. Posting pics has always been a problem here. Some can and others can’t. There is a complicated way but I could not repeat it. All I can suggest is you search the site from the main page for ‘how to post photos’ or words like that. Ryanb gave some great instructions years ago which I used and it worked fine.

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