iWalk instead of scooter? Oooops! Did I do it again?

I slipped and fell down earlier and I definitely either popped my other tendon or have a bad sprain.  I can’t believe this.

Anyone use this device.  This time around, I thought I’d give it a try.  I hate the scooter.


2 Responses to “iWalk instead of scooter? Oooops! Did I do it again?”

  1. I used the iwalk a little, and the scooter a little. I could go much faster with the scooter inside long hallways. But outside on sidewalks it was much more dangerous,

    The iwalk takes some practice around the house, next to walks, until you have it all adjusted and tight. And its a hassle to take off and put on getting into cars, but easier than a scooter I suppose in this instance.

  2. Got an iWalk from Amazon. FYI, they take your HSA card if you want to use that to pay for it. It’s been a few days and like it. Really nice to have your hands free. I live alone so much more convenient prepping meals, etc. I have a truck so getting in and out is a little bit of a challenge. Getting more so than getting out. But this is well worth investing in, especially if you can use your HSA card to pay for it.

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