To vacoped or not to vacoped?

Just got home from doctor. Took off my splint and bandages from surgery. I have a script for a boot and heel lifts but I think I want to go the vacoped route. It’s expensive but if I heal faster, than worth it.

2 days after surgery

Decided to go surgery because it was a full rupture. Went very smoothly. Now the long road to recovery

iWalk instead of scooter? Oooops! Did I do it again?

I slipped and fell down earlier and I definitely either popped my other tendon or have a bad sprain.  I can’t believe this.

Anyone use this device.  This time around, I thought I’d give it a try.  I hate the scooter.

Week 13 + 2 days - slowly progressing

Wasn’t going to post because not much to report. Just doing it to. Be helpful to others behind me. My rom is almost all back. Still feel a little stiff especially in the morning when I first wake up. Trying to build strength. 2 leg calf raises. Still have to. Be conscious of my walk so I don’t duck walk.

Week 12 - All is well

Had a visit with the OS today. Doc said everything looks great and that I should just increasing my strength. I can probably just continue with the exercises but I probably don’t need to go to pt anymore. Doc was impressed with my walk. She said that I should might just ride the bike and elliptical at the gym and continue with the strength and stretching. I do ha e another day of pt scheduled but I may just continue on my own at the gym.

Week 11: goodbye boot?

Just gotten back from pt. After strength testing me, he thinks I should ditch the boot. I’ve been walking around at home without it. I’ll still probably take it with me when working but I’ve have had very little in the way of swelling or pain and so I think I have to agree with the therapist. So long boot, sort of.

Good deal on compression sleeves

Thought I’d share these with the yanks on here:
zgood price

10weeks + 3 update

Went back to work this week. Surprisingly went by without incident. I do a lot of driving and walking wit my work and the swelling wasn’t bad. Also added strength training with bands at pt. Still not 100% rom. :’( hopefully with more strength. Therapist told me to walk more out of boot at home. Also a little bare foot walking. Actually feeling pretty good. Gait becoming more normal out of boot.

Taking first few steps in two shoes.

Although I don’t have my full range of motion(I would say 80%), I decided to try putting on two shoes and trying it out. Wow! It’s more comfy than the boot. I take small steps, I woild say 70% of my normal stride but if gelt comfy and good. I’m currently about 9.5 weeks out and the physical therapists said I should try transition into 2 shoes. I think I would have isues with uneven surgaces but I’m pretty happy with my little test walk. For those behind me in progress, it will happen.

First day of Physical Therapy

Just got back from physical therapy. Sat in the whirlpool and did my alphabet and did some basic exercises. I have to say my foot feels a lot better. My heel seems to feel better and I can walk around more without crutches. My therapist also wanted to take some steps out of the boot when I get home. He wants me out of the boot in the next couple weeks.