33 weeks out

Hi everyone, it’s been a while so thought I’d post an update on the achilles. Since I got cleared at 6months post op, I’ve been trying to return to open to open gyms, and even played in a tournament at 28weeks post op! I haven’t played at all since the quarantine started but I think that’s actually for the best, since it was very clear during the tournament I wasn’t ready to go that hard yet. The left achilles (the injured one) has been very ok - I still do my toe raises almost everyday, but single leg toe raises are probably 50% of the right one. When I do eccentric lowers on the left, I cant do it without holding a railing because it’s too weak to hold up my bodyweight still. The calf is still a lot smaller than the right too, but I’m hoping over the next 6 months or so the left will catch up. The tendon is also SUPER thick, at least an inch wider.

A random thing I found helpful (for both achilles) is massaging the tendon and calf manually. There are a lot of videos you can lookup on how to do that for achilles tendonitis, but the way my PT does it is have me laying face down on the table, she dorsiflexes my foot, and massages the area kind of where the calf and tendon meet, or about 4-6 inches above the heel bone for me. She actually focuses on my right achilles as it’s extremely tight, despite all the stretching I do for it now. But massaging it consistently has really helped it loosen up (it was like massaging a brick wall when she started, and was very painful. After a few days of ~20min each time - I would ask my mom to do it at home also lol - it feels like a cat’s belly now)

This may be because of the achilles injury, but after I’ve returned to lifting, I got injured in other areas easily. My knees give out really easily and the PT isnt sure if it’s a sprain or jumper’s knee, but you’d think after resting it for so long (and not jupming) I wouldnt have these issues. People say it may be because I tried doing too much too soon, but I believe I started at such low weight/intensity and gradually built up over 2months, so I honestly don’t think it’s that.

My scar from surgery became a keloid scar also - not sure if this happened to other people here but if so, did you guys do anything to try to make it better or more flexible? The scar tissue is so stiff I think it’s preventing some mobility.

But anyways, I’m lowkey okay with being quarantined right now, since no one can go lift or play volleyball, it’s forcing my body to rest for a good few months and I’ll hopefully be better when things open again.

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  3. Glad to see you are making progress! So far I have had a pretty similar experience getting back into activities. I too try to massage the tendon and stretch as much as possible and it seems to help.

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  5. Curious how you’re coming along since this update?! I’m pretty much at the exact spot you are now and extremely frustrated with the amount of scar tissue / stiffness I have. I’ve recommitted myself to PT, personal massages, constant stretching, and eliminated all dynamic activity for the next month. Right now I have a 1.5″ brick on my tendon, you give me hope I’ll be able to feel a cats belly soon :)

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