19 weeks out!

Hi guys, just wanted to post an update to my progress the past month and a half. I had my final followup with my surgeon last week and he fully cleared me! I haven’t played yet but he said it’s ok to practice volleyball now and compete (as well as sprint) when I’m 6mo post op. I’ve been doing PT 3-5x/week where I’m now jogging for 15min at 90% bodyweight on the AlterG tredmill (I think it really helps when you’re getting back into jogging again), a LOT of calf raises and variations (the surgeon said focusing on the slow eccentric lowering part of the calf raise would help strengthen the tendon more, so been doing those on a step), and even some single/both leg jumping exercises. I can now barely do a single leg calf raise, but it’s much better than 5 weeks ago when I couldn’t even get off the ground. I can even feel my calf muscle now when I contract and see a little muscle definition return, whereas there was literally not the faintest outline of my calf before. I did 2×10 (almost) max squat jumps also a few days ago and I didn’t feel any discomfort! My goal over the next few weeks will be to continue strengthening it till I can comfortably do a full single leg calf raise, and to keep stretching both to hopefully reduce the chance of this ever happening again. Even though the surgeon said conscious/controlled max jumping was okay (as opposed to reactive max jumping like in actual competition), I forgot to ask him about diving in volleyball, but will probably followup with him on that soon.

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  1. Sweet! Congrats!!

  2. Your rehab routine sounds more comprehensive than mine, but I would also recommend heel lifts in the water. That can be an easy way to strengthen it without doing too much. At first, I could only do a single heel lift in 5 feet of water! Eventually worked down to 1.5 feet of water, and then I was out of the pool. I also did power walking, backwards and forwards, and hopping in a warm pool. I was told I could play after I could do 5 single heel lifts. (Pickleball)

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