12 weeks 6 days

I didn’t realize it’s been so long since I blogged! It coincided with me driving and going back to work. Funny, sitting in austin traffic for an hour
really exercises the dorsiflex!
Being busier (and going to a funeral) has kept my mind occupied but the AT is still in the back the mind.
I’m pretty conscious of where i walk still.

Up until week 11 , PT has been pretty much the same…mostly ROM and balancing. I told the PT to not worry about core and
quad strength b/c I’m doing it on my own anyways. We had also agreed to not doing any strength training (heel raises) until around this time. So I wanted
here to spend time on manual manipulation and directly working on the AT.
At a little past week 11, I went swimming at the gym and that same day,
I started doing full heel raises in the pool. It just felt ready. Did it in about 4-5 feet of water (chest high) and it was not a problem. It really loosened
up the ankle it seemed and I felt a sore calf the next day(which is good)

I’ve gone to the pool twice a week since then. Also started eccentric heel (tip toe on good heal and slowly go down on injured) drops at PT.
Those were hard. I followed that up with doing that in the pool this past weekend. My calf muscle is coming back. Went to 12 week followup
and DR. said I can start ramping up strength training. No running until 4 months. I can do 2 legged heel raises pretty easy and I don’t think I’m favoring the good

I can walk fairly normal even though I feel the stretch if I take long strides (trying to do it consciously as well). I have to be careful b/c I have always
been a really fast walker (it’s a slow jog to some people) and that really pushes it so I have to make sure I slow down.

I highly recommend swimming to augment your PT. I’ve been in two shoes outdoors since about week 8 and go barefoot in the house and haven’t looked back.
at times, the AT is still sensitive to touch but I can constantly flex do flex my calf and do mini heel raises at my work desk.

anybody want to buy an almost new (medium)Vacocast?! I barely used it and was 90% used indoors! When it did go outdoors, the entire bottom was taped up so
looks brand new. Even has the extra liner.

Been going back to 24 hr fitness and feeling much better!

Marching towards recovery!

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  1. Vball,
    That’s an awesome update, looks like I’m about a week behind you. I went to two shoes at week 11. I saw the DR this past monday and he said go ahead and start bilateral calf raises, PT is a little more conservative and has me doing calf raises on the leg press machine, I have to admit, they are pretty tough even with no weight. You reminded me about the pool, so thanks to you I will jump in the pool this weekend and start working on the bilateral calf raises. My ankle has really started swelling up since stepping up the strengthening and walking in two shoes, oh well, not a big deal, I will just continue to ice .

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