9 weeks

I’m exactly 9 weeks today! Started the morning with PT.
I finally figured out the pics!

9 weeks

AT/foot/ankle massage/manipulation

PT involved the following:

1 (bad) leg treadmill gait training for 6 minutes.
4 sets of 1 (bad) leg balance on a foam board for a 1 minute

some 2 balancing

3 set 1 (bad) leg press for the first time

I have pretty much ditched the Vacocast into the corner. That was 350 well spent :)

Things do seem to progress each day. I’m walking much better barefoot around the house. Slowly working out the AT tightness.

I’m continuing my own core work as well. Also doing 1 (good) leg squats. Will probably hit the gym next week as well as the pool.

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