12 weeks 6 days

I didn’t realize it’s been so long since I blogged! It coincided with me driving and going back to work. Funny, sitting in austin traffic for an hour
really exercises the dorsiflex!
Being busier (and going to a funeral) has kept my mind occupied but the AT is still in the back the mind.
I’m pretty conscious of [...]

9 weeks

I’m exactly 9 weeks today! Started the morning with PT.
I finally figured out the pics!

AT/foot/ankle massage/manipulation
PT involved the following:
1 (bad) leg treadmill gait training for 6 minutes.
4 sets of 1 (bad) leg balance on a foam board for a 1 minute
some 2 balancing
3 set 1 (bad) leg press for the first time
I have pretty much [...]