7 weeks 5 days and two shoes!

Had my 4th PT session today and asked her to not worry about doing core exercises b/c I do them at home.

Here is the PT I did for the Hour.

She is gave the ankle and AT a good rubdown. Her assistant volunteer was watching and didn’t know I had surgery because she couldn’t really see a scar/incision.
It’s healed really well.

Picked up marbles and moved a towel.
I have tightness in the ankle so more massaging (I like it although the rubbing the AT didn’t feel good when its rubbed!)

Moved to two shoes and walked back and forth for about 5 minutes. Have an almost normal gait. If I take shorter strides than usual
it just looks like I’m walking in slow motion but no limp.

Did the two legged balance on the wobble board (rotating the board 45 degrees every minute). Tried the one (bad) leg balance on a foam board but
the ankle didn’t like it.

I also tried to stand barefoot and walk around barefoot in the house last night and the bottom of my feet didn’t like it. Seems like I lost the cushioning in the heel. PT thinks
bottom of foot is tight so she worked on it some.

Went home and changed into my two “elevator” shoes and the artificial heel lift they provide makes it feel like I can just walk around normally.
I can feel feel some swelling around the AT and I have a compression sock on. Still continuing to use my handheld micro current machine.

Need to order some crocs. Plan on wearing the vacocast if I go outside for probably the next week or two but moving on to the next rehab phase!

4 Responses to “7 weeks 5 days and two shoes!”

  1. Thanks vball for the update! Its interesting to see the PT part of it. I haven’t started PT but have been in a walking boot for two months. First month due to transitioning from hard cast then didn’t have another available appointment until the next month after. I decided to meet another PA at the end of the month but that PA told me to remove the wedges and continue in the boot. Currently the achilles is very tight. Looks like the tightness will be there for a bit it looks like!

  2. Congratulations on the 2 shoes. Walking around will get easier with practice and hopefully your heel will regain its cushioning soon.

  3. Know of anywhere I can get size 13 elevator shoes? (big man problems)

    Also, what’s “the vocalist?”

  4. Meant “Vacocast”… darn spellchecker!

    you are right about the height increasing shoe size! I guess they weren’t meant for tall big dudes!

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