7 weeks 2 days

Things are progressing well. I’ve had 2 more PT sessions and she had me stand barefeet(little scary at first) and balance on a wobble board across various angles. I definitely feel better the rest of the day after PT (1st thing in the morning). I still have the minor foot aches (not AT) at night that wake me up early in the morning but a little less “achy” as the nights go by.

PT sessions are fairly easy right now. She has me doing some core stuff but I do that every other day anyways so it’s not very hard. I’d rather focus on the Achilles.

I’m still pretty conservative.
I still use a crutch (mostly at night) if I’m out of the boot and need to get up. I haven’t attempted to walk barefoot yet.

I’ve continued to use the microcurrent machine daily. Here are several very interesting links.



I really like reading the first one. It seems the incision is smoothing out along with the scar tissue. Maybe it’a mental, but I feel the AT
getting stronger.
Therapist asked me to bring the other shoe next time I see here. (going twice a week).

I have the vacocast setting at 0 but let it hinge all the time now. It took me about a day and half to start walking around more normally with the flat sole after I moved to 0 a week and a half ago. I will probably use it for 2 more weeks max and then hopefully never have to use it again.

BTW, I tape the bottom of it with athletic tape when I get out of my house and just peel off the tape when I get back in. It keeps the sole clean for my house and all the nastiness off the boot since i wear it all the time! My boot and 2 soles looks brand new!

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  1. It sounds like things are going well.

    Your method of keeping the boot clean seems really good. I am happy now that I can take it off at the door like a regular shoe and don’t have to walk any dirt into the house.

  2. Congrats on your progress - great hint on the tape!

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