6 weeks 2 days

I am 6 weeks 2 days post op. Saw the Ortho 3 days ago for the first time since surgery (saw Phy Assistant at 2 weeks).

He was very pleased with the surgery so far. Said the incision has healed nicely (I still cant figure out how to post pics… I was able to upload to Library but can’t do much after that) and the tendon feels strong. He started doing this PARS method about a year ago. If anyone is at pre surgery, you should really push for this procedure.

I was at .5 in the vacocast and he said move it to neutral (0) and will see me in 6 weeks and start PT. I went and Saw PT yesterday for the first time. She also said that was a great looking surgery/incision b/c she normally sees the long vertical one.

Apparently, I’m at 50 degrees planter (vs 60 on the good leg) and -2 degrees past neutral. I forget what left and right measurements were.

I mentioned the pain I’ve been having on the top and outerside of the foot as well as around the ankle area. I can’t curl my toes so we started on picking up marbles and try to move a towel with the toes curled. That was my homework assignment. She also had me try to stand barefoot on each leg (no problem with the good leg… can’t do it forever). Only lasted about 3 seconds on the bad one, but that may have been mental.

Regarding the vacocast setting, I’ve had little trouble up until now moving to .5 but having a lot of tightness moving to 0. In addition, I decided to move the flat sole. Walking around the house is a little diffcult without the rocker and i’m back to limping. Need some time to get used to it.

I’m still having trouble sleeping through the night due to the dull ache that flares up at night on the ankle/foot. For the second time since I gave up meds at 3 days post surgery, I took some ibuprofen (took aleve last time). It seemed to help as I slept 6.5+ hours before I woke up with the ache again. I did lose the boot in bed at 5 weeks so sleeping with just a sock.

I am still faithfully taking 1000mg of vitamin c daily (2 500mg) and doing the microcurrent twice morning and night. I can feel the achilles tendon up and down the leg and it seems strong.


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  1. Just checking out the achilles site which was a life saver for me whilst I was recovering. I’m noticing that most of the recent sufferers are having surgery while a couple years back when I had my achilles rupture it was about 50/50 and the trend seemed to be towards the non-surgical route. Has the tide turned?

  2. I am about 7weeks out after surgery. I have this burning across my foot just below my toes and in my toes. Is it nerves? Is it normal? Do not see doctor again until Thursday. Just want some relief.

  3. Coach Fletch,
    it sounds like it could be many things, including nerve damage or poor circulation. was it sudden onsite? do you have the boot too tight?

    I’m far from being the one to give you advice. If it were me, I would not wait until thursday. Definitely call his office and ask. I’m pretty sure mine would admit me in earlier if I needed.

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