4 weeks 5 days

I’ve had a significant decrease in swelling in the past 3 days. Coincidently, I have started using my handheld microcurrent machine at 35uA 1 hour each time, twice a day and also started taking 1000 mg of vitamin C for the past 5 days. However, it should be noted that I didn’t have that much swelling to begin with. The little I did have was like a sprained ankle and it’s been there until recently.

I started walking around the house 5 days ago (I’m guessing about 80 -90 percent WB) while still holding both crutches. I don’t use the crutch on heel strike and only use mild pressure when I end with the TOE.

The decrease is so significant that my feet are very similar size at this point. I would be hard pressed to tell the difference. The achilles also seems to be shrinking and Is it time? why so much in the past few days. I have been wearing a compression sock since 2 weeks. Is the microcurrent really helping that much?

I’ll try to post some images.

Things haven’t been all smooth. I’m still dealing with top of foot pain from the vacocast, especially at night. I think I have it way too tight. When I take it off, there are red spots right on top of the foot. I wanted to keep it real tight when I’m trying to walk around to make sure the AT stays protected.

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  1. If you have it really tight I would try loosening it up some. I generally keep it as loose as possible. When I sleep with it or lie around I undo the straps so there is no tension and just secure the velcro so it stays on. If I’m up and down I put some tension on but not so much I would call it pressure and I can still feel my heel slide up and down a small amount. If I will be walking for a while I tighten things down to reduce movement but then loosen again when I’m done. I haven’t had any problems with the AT but YMMV. My rationale is as long as my ankle joint isn’t flexing the AT is not getting extra tension so I adjust for comfort and to reduce rubbing.

    I also found for me the top plate is more comfortable when it sits lower than where you would think it should sit. I slide the top plate up and down my shin before strapping down in order to find the spot where it rests best. The second strap barely fits in the grooves on the top plate but I no longer get the hot spots on the top of my foot I did for the first few days. I hope that explanation made some sense.

  2. HI eric

    do you have it on “hinged” setting when you walk around? I do so i feel the ankle sliding a bit?
    if you keep it too low, the top of the front plate will start catching on the top strap?

    what do you mean about the ankle joint not flexing?

    the past 2 nights, I resorted to just wearing the liner (without the internal beads) and no front plate. I put a sock behind my heel
    to cushion it against the brace. It got a little better but not much. then i tossed it in the middle of the night because my entire foot was just
    kinda aching.

  3. Ahh, I forgot you are hinging. I have it fixed and not set to hinge so things may be different for you. I hope I don’t develop similar issues when I start hinging. You still might benefit from looser straps. I hope you find something that works for you.

  4. Am I allowed to post links?

    this is a really cool study.


  5. I think I have seen links before so go ahead unless you hear otherwise. Do you have any information about the machine you have? I did a Google search and most of the results were for skin care. Not sure if that is the same thing.

  6. I have the following machine

    InTENSity Select 4-in-1 TENS/ EMS/ IF/ Micro Combo

    you should be able to search for it. I think I bought from buy.com

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