So I have been reading on microcurrent (I have the machine) and it’s benefits! I should have used this starting a couple of weeks ago.
If you google microcurrent and rabbits, you can read a great article along with images on how the tendons healed. I’m sold!
For those with wound issues(I don’t have any), you may [...]

4 weeks 3 days

Yesterday, I looked at the protocol printout and it said i should be at 10 degrees at 4 weeks. I was at 20 so I moved it to 15 and kept it locked. I walked around the house quite a bit and still felt no pain in the AT. I felt a little bit in [...]

4 Weeks post op and 1 day

I moved the vacocast setting to 2 a few days ago and haven’t really felt anything new. I am moving my ankle around and have almost no pain in the AT. The only real pain I had there was when I used an ACE wrap inside the boot to try to see if I can [...]

3 weeks 2 days since surgery

still on crutches and still NWB for the most part. the only trouble I’ve had as been this heat rash/abrasion on the top of my foot that gets
aggravated with the brace. It was starting when I was in the splint and got worse on days 15-20.
At first, I was wondering if it was some infection [...]

I am Brad Pitt, conqueror of Troy

Sorry ladies, I’m not Brad. However, I’m confident my story won’t end like the movie Troy, where he got shot in his achilles in the end.
I am a 6′ 175lb 41 year old fit male from the great republic that is Texas. On April 25 I was playing a warmup volleyball tournament in preparation to [...]