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Day 4 after Surgery

I am now at day 4. I want to start by thanking all the wonderful people who offer their support and wisdom with this injury. I thought I could go to my daughter’s t-ball game tonight but it became very apparent I was not ready for such an outing. I have a Dr. Appt. tomorrow. I wonder if he will take stitches out. I think the Surgeon had said he would put leg in cast for 4 weeks following surgery. It seems that no 2 doctors think alike with the follow up care from surgery. Some say early mobilization, some say no mobilization, some fit you with a boot and some fit you with a cast. Sorry to say I think a lot of decisions are based on cost. I belong to a HMO and through this whole process, from when the 1st dr. said that it could not be repaired with surgery to the decisions for a cast or a boot, I believe cutting cost has and will be a large impact on my recovery. I know that a cast, when done by their own employees, is much cheaper than a boot.

 I am not trying to bash my healthcare. I am just opening a topic of discussion that I believe the more it is talked about the better care for future patients,

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  1. craig Says:

    Hi Vance,

    I agree that different doctors have different approaches, and certainly there will be times where cost comes into play. However, I don’t think the cast vs boot decision is necessarilly a cost one. My doctor and the group they are with works with local professional and college teams including the SF 49ers and SF Giants. I’ve had discussions with my doctor about some of these experiences, and they have used a cast with these athletes (I’m in one now too). Of course, I will be in a boot in another 3+ weeks, so we will use both approaches. From what I’ve seen almost everybody uses a boot at sometime in the process, so I would be surprised if you don’t end up in one after a few weeks in a cast.


  2. Karen Says:

    I am 5 days post op, and I am in a splint! I expect to be casted this week for my first follow up and I am told after several weeks in a cast I move to a boot.

    For what it is worth, I really doubt that cost is a major driver in your course of care. If doctors don’t give the best treatment that they know is available for the type of rupture, I believe they are at a serious risk. HOwever, having said that, it truly is amazing how varied the course of treatment seems to be from one of us to another.

    I work in healthcare (Healthcare IT) and physicians and administrators talk alot about evidenced- based medicine — ie, using treatment plans that are effective based on research and evidence in general practice. I have concluded that the “evidence” must be wide open on achilles tendon repair protocols — given the various treatments we are all sharing.

  3. kristinatl Says:

    Hey Vance! I know what you mean about the varying opinions and protocol. Everyone does things a little differently. Interesting thing is that my brother ruptured his achilles about 1.5 or 2 years ago and he just used a cast and then went to rehab. He never was in a boot. We all want to know exactly that we’ll be in this for x time, then this for x time…but as you know…with this injury we have to sit back and endure and wait it out. Glad that all sounds to be going well with you! Enjoy your day!

  4. daveleft Says:

    Hi Vance. I had to buy a boot pre-surgery. It only cost $80…I think it’s going to be the cheapest part of this entire ordeal.

  5. damacar Says:

    Funny you should bring up the topic! A friend of mine was going to sell me her boot and silicone heel cups for $100. My insurance deductible is $200. Sounded like a fair deal to me. My husband suggested calling my Ortho center just out of curiosity to find out how much they charge for a boot. So I called them today….IF they bill my insurance, i’ll get a bill for $160.14. if they DON”T bill my insurance and I pay cash, it will be $57. Glad I called!
    My friend went to the same ortho center, different doctor, and so far we’ve had two completely different experiences. She had staples, my doctor refuses to use them…..
    I get the boot on June 3rd. I’ll be 28 days post op. I was in a cast when I woke up from surgery. Got a new cast 2 weeks later. Hang in there!!

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