Aug 09 2012

A Competitive Member of the AT Injury Club

Published by uscgdiver

Hi my name is Fitz, and welcome to my Achilles Blog page. If you have just injured your Achilles tendon, either a partial or full rupture, you have found a great resource to help you through your process of healing, and get answers to the many questions you may, and we’ve all had here. Spend time on the AchillesBlog site and read the stories and continued successes of many who have traveled the same path you have just begun down, and know that you too will return to full activity. Make patience a skill and your best friend, and lean on this community to help you through.

About me:

I am currently on Active Duty in the U.S. Coast Guard, my specialty military Deep Sea Diver. When not diving, I train for half-marathons and continue to play lacrosse as I have for 26 years. Of course that all changed on January 25, 2012 when I sustained an 80% partial rupture to my left Achilles tendon.

I am well into my recovery and beginning new sports and activities to keep me motivated to return to the lacrosse field and to my winning ways as a half-marathoner. Go to the “My Achilles Tendon Injury Story” tab and read the details of my injury. If you are interested in following my recovery keep my page in mind or you can follow my different Achilles strengthening and recovery activities on Twitter @A_Fitz_17. I’ll be updating a weekly recap on my blog of what is working and not working to get back to my prior level of fitness.

Check out my links section for the latest ATR’s to hit the professioal sporting world, as well as a great video analysis of pro soccer player David Beckham’s ATR, and links to exercises that have and are continuing to help me in my recovery.

Most of all best wishes and keep the faith in yourself and your body’s amazing abilty to recover and get stronger!!

I hope this helps others as it helped me, and please if you have something that is even better, please share in the healing process.

Check back next week as I will be discussing two activities that are helping me return to full competitive form, seven months into my recovery.

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