Aug 09 2012

Good recovery information for strengthening the calves, stretching the tendon and combating tendonitis during recovery

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A few of you asked me to share some exercises that have helped me through my recovery. I have posted a great link in “Helpful Exercises” and have it right here too for you to access: I use these exercises almost daily to keep loose and the stiffness to a minimum.
I developed painful tendonitits in my good leg around week 15, from the right leg taking the brunt of stairs and walking. Even with physical therapy, the pain in the good Achilles tendon was far worse than my injured left tendon. So I searched for some no-nonsense exercises that I thought I could do anywhere, anytime to keep loose and get through this apparently normal condition that develops as a result of having an ATR.
I hope this helps others as it helped me, and please if you have something that is even better, please share in the healing process.
Check back next week as I will be discussing two activities that are helping me return to full competitive form, seven months into my recovery.

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