Posted by: urbpf54 | July 2, 2009

Symptoms in non-rupture ankle…

I have had some soreness & stiffness in the ankle/achilles area of the OTHER foot - not the one I suffered the tear with last year. The symptoms are similar to those I experienced in my affected foot before the ATR last year.

Am I paranoid here or is it common to have this happen to both feet so closely? Is the overcompensation I have placed on my good foot affecting this? Am seeing another ortho in 1 1/2 weeks & will ask, but would appreciate feedback from you all

Posted by: urbpf54 | July 2, 2009

Almost a year, looking to take charge…

My achilles tear occurred on 7/19/08 - almost a year ago. Still experiencing soreness/stiffness, scar tissue, and swelling on a daily basis, though not at all times during the day.

Insurance company cut off PT coverage in 12/08, rejected my two appeals. Ortho Surgeon saw me until April - said unless I needed to see him, we were done. Though I have appointment with another Ortho for 2nd opinion, I really feel this is totally up to me to deal with now.

Looking for advice on ways to develop a self-developed healing plan. Am massaging Vitamin E oil into scar tissue area on advice of Chiro. Still doing basic exercises given to me in 11/08 by PT - looking for other exercise suggestions - or any other suggestions on how to proceed…..

Posted by: urbpf54 | December 28, 2008

Recovery five months in…. frustration begins

Well, here goes - first post….

I’m five months in recovery (ATR occurred on 7/19). Have progressed nicely up to this point, but have kinda hit a wall….

Foot continues to swell every day…tightness in heel and lower/upper ankle persist….jabbing pains at odd and intermittent times in heel/around incision

On top of it all, insurance company refuses to pay for more PT (began 9/16 - started in earnest 10/6) - am appealing for more

Feel like I’ve been cut loose here to figure it out for myself - continue to do battery of exercises twice a day as laid out by PT & orthopedist

Any advice out there? Does this sound normal? Am I overreacting?