two shoes — again!

I saw my OS last Monday, a week after the PT put me back in the boot.  As much as I hated wearing the boot again, I had to admit that it was the right move, and actually wore it for a day or so after the doctor’s visit.  The OS wasn’t terribly concerned; he said that the soreness was located where the tendon flares and attaches on either side of the heel, and that while this isn’t common, it’s nothing to really worry about.  He prescribed an ointment with gabapentin (neurontin) and lidocaine and told me to apply it 3-4 times/day as needed.  I asked if I should hold off on PT for a while, and he said no, but to start all over again.  So Friday, it was back to seated ROM exercises — circles, alphabets, etc. — and resistance exercises using the red theraband (I had been up to the grey).

So far so good.  I do have to be careful on the (recumbent) bike to make sure I have my heel on the pedal, and can’t wear my favorite shoes (Merrell clogs) for the foreseeable future, but my ankle is feeling better today than it has in a couple of weeks.  I’m walking almost normally again, too — in other words, about as well as I was before the flare up.  Not what most people might call normal, but about as well as can be expected at 16 weeks post-op.

I’m still not sure what caused the problem, but I suspect I wasn’t paying as careful attention to things as I should have been and had slipped into several habits that aggravated my ankle.  Among other things, I’m now trying to unlearn a decades-old habit of counting time to music with my right foot, and trying to use my left foot instead — old dogs, new tricks?  We’ll see.

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  1. Hi Upstate,

    Sorry you had to take a step backwards, but I hope that things go more smoothly this time around.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

  2. Hi upstate!

    Good to hear things are going better this week. I am following your journey closely, as we had the same surgery, and am taking heed to proceed carefully. I, too, am worried about the Haglund’s growth and/or spurs coming back. The back of my heel is most tender where the large bump was removed (lateral side) and where the spurs were removed (medial side). I’m 5.5 weeks from surgery now and scheduled to move into shoes a week from today.
    Good luck switching your “time-keeping” foot! I’m a piano player and play for three services at church every Sunday. I’ve always kept time with my left foot, but can’t use it, now. Doesn’t work to keep time with my right foot because it’s busy pedaling….what to do?

  3. About time-keeping by tapping your foot: When I was trained to perform in public (mostly as a singer, but also in a few brass bands), we were all taught to lose the foot-tapping and just tap our toes inside our shoes. It didn’t take long to make the switch (though we were young ‘uns!). Most of the good protocols include toe-wiggling as an early exercise (some folks do it even in a CAST!), so that should be pretty risk-free. Should be good for your pro music career too, unless you’re trying to become the next Stompin’ Tom Connors!

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