Back in the boot…

It’s been a tough week; last Monday at PT I found myself unable to do exercises I’ve been doing pain-free for weeks — heel raises (two legs, of course) and step overs — basically anything that required me to push off with my right foot.  We scaled back for the day and the PT told me to take it easy during the week, so I taught sitting down and did mostly upper-body work at the gym (the good news is that my shoulder doc released me, so I’m restriction free there!).  At Friday’s session, the pain was still there, so I had ultrasound, iontophoresis (e-stim with a topical med), massage, and ice (not in that order).  I went home with instructions to wear the boot if I was going to be active (I wasn’t:  too much grading to catch up on).  Today things were no better.  In fact, my ankle is starting to feel like it did pre-surgery; pain at the site where the Haglund’s deformity was, and pain in the tendon after fairly limited activity.  Today’s instructions were to wear the boot even around the house until I see the surgeon, which will be next Monday.  PT is on hold until the doc sees me, too.

I’m hoping that this is just a hiccup, but am worried that the bone spur is reforming and irritating the tendon. I tried to find data on reccurrence of Haglund’s deformities, but could only find advice for avoiding recurrences (no running on hard surfaces or up hills, no rigid-heeled shoes.  I’m innocent of those, and have been doing the two things they recommend, including wearing arch supports and achilles stretches.  ROM has been normal since week 8.)  I do apparently have the kind of foot that lends itself to this kind of problem, though:  high arch and lots of mobility in both forefoot and rearfoot.

At least I’m getting my money’s worth out of my vacocast :)

4 Responses to “Back in the boot…”

  1. Good luck, Upstate. Otherwise, I got nothin’.

  2. Thanks, Norm!

  3. Hi Upstate,

    Sorry to hear about your setup, and am wishing you the best.

    Good luck at your appointment, and please update us.

  4. Sorry, meant to type set back. Good luck.

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