Remembering my limits — and bed wedges

Last week was my first, official 2-shoes week; it coincided with a very full schedule that included a charity dog walk on Saturday.  Even though the walk was only a mile long, my PT told me to wear the boot — better that than tripping over or getting tripped up by one of the dozens and dozens of dogs around.  To be honest, I was happy to put it on that morning; by Friday evening, my foot had begun to ache.  It was clearly a result of fatigue/overuse, but it was sore enough that I spent as much time as I could over the weekend lying down with my foot elevated, icing it regularly. I still had some residual soreness at Monday’s PT appointment — standing seems hardest on me — but Tuesday morning was pleasantly surprised to wake up pain-free *and* walking more smoothly than ever.

Monday afternoon I saw the orthopod who repaired my shoulder; he said he worried about people who had little or no postop pain, as they were the ones who were more likely to do too much too soon and reinjure themselves.  I decided that was my cue to a) wear my boot when I fly in a few days and b) to consider using the airline’s help in getting from gate to gate/terminal to terminal — especially since this is vacation, not work, travel :)

BTW, I discovered a great way for elevating my ankle in bed without having to worry about kicking pillows off or raising the foot of the bed.  Bed wedges, marketed to people with acid reflux and respiratory problems, are perfect.  They’re too heavy to kick off easily, provide support for much of my leg (no hyperextending my knee any more!) and don’t compress like regular pillows can.  I got one so I could sleep propped up after shoulder surgery, but have found it much more useful for my ankle.

2 Responses to “Remembering my limits — and bed wedges”

  1. Great stuff! I also found standing worse than walking — but shopping with a cart was the worst of all.

  2. I agree with norm, I found standing worse than walking also, or sitting with my leg down not moving, it always swelled more that way.

    I second the wedge - I used one too and it was a little too hard with no give to it, so I put a pillow on top of it and it worked like a charm.

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