7 week post-op appointment

I’m just past 7 weeks and saw my OS today.  The PT did a progress report this morning before I saw the doctor, and I’m 7 deg. dorsiflexion, 60 deg. plantar flexion (it was measured twice because that’s high even for healthy ankles), something equally high (47?) on inversion (lots of ankle sprains in the past), and normal eversion.

The therapist did add new exercises today — the balance board (in the boot), walking heel-to-toe around the room several times, and balancing on my right leg while my left one tapped the tops of cones placed in front of me.  I’m still blown away by how difficult seemingly normal activities are these days; I look like I’m drunk when I’m trying to walk a straight line, even in the boot!

I’ve developed a fair amount pain on the inside of the ankle (where the FHL tendon is now attached?) but the doctor didn’t seem concerned about that; he didn’t seem concerned about anything.  In fact, he said that unless I were having problems, I wouldn’t need to see him again.  He is leaving it up to my PT to determine when and how to transition to 2 shoes (i’m taking my right one to therapy on Monday!) and when I can start to resume other activities.

This is great news, especially because I’m having shoulder surgery in 5 days, and was counting on being on track with my ankle before then.

I’m doing a charity dog walk in early October.  It’s only a mile, and it may be too optimisitic to think of doing it in 2 shoes at 9.5 weeks, but I’m trying to tell myself I’m training for a road race or a long hike.  It’s something to look forward to, anyway and a way to avoid thinking of just how many more weeks and months I have to go until I’m back at full strength.

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  1. Go you! Its great to have a goal like your walk, don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t work out however! Sounds like you’re recovering well but that pain doesn’t sound good - does it go away with rest? I know from running that if a pain doesn’t go away something isn’t right - its your body saying “leave me alone!”

    As to length of time, I’m resigned to it being next summer before I’m back to where I was (20 to 25 miles per week). Having accepted that, any fast progress then becomes a great joy.

    Good luck with the shoulder surgery and the walk!!

  2. Thanks, Grimfoot. The pain is going away and does seem to be a function of fatigue — probably a sign that I’ve done enough for a while and need to take a break. The achilles rehab was put on hold most of last week because of the shoulder surgery, but starting Monday, I’m rehabbing both limbs and looking for life to get back to normal. I went out yesterday in two shoes and walked down several steps, completely forgetting that I don’t really “do” stairs yet.. No harm done, but I definitely felt it. I can see how people rerupture or reinjure at this point; unless I’m reminding myself of what I should and should not do, it’s too easy to act as if everything were normal. “Mindfulness” needs to be my motto for the next few weeks.

    Good luck with your rehab!

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