Driving, PT, and FWB?

It’s been a big week already.  On Monday I used the left-foot accelerator and ran a bunch of errands around town.  It was a good day to try real world driving out without normal weekday traffic.  I stayed off the interstates, figuring that they’d be crowded with end-of-holiday traffic, and stuck to surface streets.  Between the errands (on crutches, instead of the scooter) and the gym, I was exhausted by the time I got home but pleased that I was getting back some of my independence.

Yesterday I lowered the angle on the vacocast to 5 deg. plantar flexion, and this morning walked to the car, carrying my crutches!  It wasn’t pretty, but it also wasn’t too uncomfortable.  I had my first PT appointment, and was pleased to see that with AROM, I got to neutral and that with PROM, was easily past neutral, without pain.  In fact, the PT said I had better dorsiflexion in my injured leg than he did (not sure what that says about his flexibility, but I took it as a good sign.)

There was a PT-assistant-student doing a clinical rotation at the clinic; it was pretty disconcerting to have the therapist use my calf to demonstrate to her how significant atrophy looks and feels — especially when the student compared the muscle tone in my calf to that of a stroke patient!

I also made sure to show off the vacocast to the staff; they’d never seen one but were suitably impressed by it, especially the assistant who’s about 3 months out from an ATR surgery himself.  The PT wants info on the boot so that he can introduce it to the physicians he works with most frequently (not the practice where my OS works).  The PT is also going to contact my OS’s office to find out if I have to stay in the boot until I see the doc again (on 9/20), or if the PT can make the call on moving to two shoes; hopefully he’ll get the okay on that one.

I was PWB last night, at PT and on my way into the gym this morning. By the time I left the gym though, I was FWB and continued that way until I got home — at which point the first thing I did was put ice on my ankle.  I’ll keep the crutches handy, but am thrilled to know how close I am to ditching them for good!

I’m still really pleased with how well my achilles seems to be healing — not being able to curl my toes yet is frustrating, but in the overall scheme of things that’s minor — but what is surprising is how tired I am all the time.  I’m sure some of it is the product of deconditioning in the months prior to the surgery, when almost everything hurt my achilles so badly that I quit doing a lot of activities, but I also have to face the fact that some of it is likely due to age.  My 50-something body just doesn’t heal as quickly or easily as the 20-something version did.  Not much I can do about that, I’m afraid!

2 Responses to “Driving, PT, and FWB?”

  1. OMG you made me giggle about your atrophy. Congrats on all your success.

  2. It sounds like a big week but also a great one! Hurray for independence. I had no idea there was a left foot accelerator contraption. Good to know in the event I ever rupture the other leg!

    I can relate to the fatigue. I considered myself in reasonably good shape but schlepping myself around on crutches and the boot was tiring! You are not alone in feeling that way. The stamina will come back before you know it. Good luck!

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