Four-week post op visit

I had my four-week post-op/second post-op visit today and am very pleased with how it went.  At my last appointment my OS had told me to wear the boot only for practicing walking, so at home I rarely wear it.  At work, though, I have it on even when I’m using the scooter, mainly for [...]

left-foot accelerator?

Has anybody had any experience with a portable left-foot accelerator?  If so, would you recommend renting one? I have wonderful friends and colleagues who will be driving me to and from work, but I suspect the loss of independence will become increasingly frustrating before too long.  I could try using my left foot on the [...]

late joiner: surgery 7/31; now PWB

I wish I’d known about this site before I had my surgery; I almost certainly would have saved myself several months, if not years, of pain and hassle.
I’m 19 days (7/31/13) post-op — debridement, Haglund’s excision, and FHL transfer. I originally injured my achilles in 1994, carrying a backpack and laptop up a long, [...]

Hello world!

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