Early morning stiffness and skiing at 14 weeks

February 6, 2011

Hi to everybody. On my last post I was FWB with crutches. Things have progressed rapidly I think. I managed to wean myself of the walking boot a couple of weeks after Christmas. Yes it hurt & I had a lot of heel pain but the fact I was mobile again & able to drive made up for that.

My ankle was so stiff to being with in the morning that it took me a while to get going in the morning. I kept getting alot of pain walking when I wore my boots through the snow but I discovered that it was more the scar that was painful rather than the tendon. I still have a limp but that is getting less noticeable as the weeks go by.

Physio start just after the new year. Lots of stretching exercises so far. No muscle strengthening exercises as yet. She was not best pleased that I went skiing at 14 weeks. I promised myself that if it hurt to get my ski boot on then I would call it a day but the ski boot just felt like the walking boot but tighter. Just reds & blue in Bulgaria so it was fairly gentle.

I have started back to work this week. Short shifts of 7.5hrs to start with. They have been OK so far everybody is looking after me.

I even tried to run after my daughter but found that my right leg just collapsed under me. Need to build back up the strength I think. I can’t run but what do you lot think about cycling. I have been down the street and back. A grand distance of about 100 meters. I felt OK but I am not sure if I am pushing myself too much.

Well that’s all for now.


PWB to FWB with crutches.

December 21, 2010

At my six week check the doctors allowed me to PWB which was progress but they were unable to get my foot back to an neutral position. Was about to leave the plaster room with my new cast when one of the nurse’s suggested that I come back in a week and they would try again for a neutral position.

At that appointment today was seen again but failed to get my foot in a neutral position again. Felt very disappointed but was seen by a new registrar. She suggested that I go into a walking boot anyway. Only been walking for a few hours but it is so much better. At last I am able to take a bath and get rid of all that dead skin around my right leg.

It also feels that I can exercise my ankle more and speed up my recovery. I know that it is going to be a slow process but at least I am more active in it now. Determined to be out of this walking boot by my next appointment in four weeks time. Looking forward to the physio.

First Post.

November 8, 2010

I am a 40 year old squash player who has sustained one of the most dreaded squash injuries. In a previous life ( before marriage & children ) I played squash 3-4 times a week for 4 to 5 years. I have seen many people carried off court with their achilles tendons ruptured.  It was like they had been shot. Never thought back then it would happen to me.

Now fast forward over ten year. Finally I am able to get back to doing some exercise to get rid of my middle age spread. Two weeks back into my squash come back I rupture my right achilles tendon. I heard it go pop and felt a sharp pain at the back of my ankle. I knew immediately what it was but tried to fool myself by thinking by putting some ice on it would make things better. I was able to drive home and climb stairs albeit with difficulty.

My sister in law who is a physiotherapist told me that I must go to A+E  to sort it out. A+E confirmed the rupture but told me that I would be in a cast for six weeks. Once in the cast they made me an appointment for fracture clinic in the next few days.

At fracture clinic the doctor broke the bad news to me. Nine weeks in a cast then a long rehab program afterwards. I was given the option of surgery or conservative treatment. Through facebook advice form friends who were medics I decided to have surgery which was booked in for the following week.

The doctor said that I ticked all the boxes for this type of injury. Over 40, weekend athlete, returning to sport after a long break and squash one of the most explosive sports.

The worst thing about this situation is not the crutches getting in the way or the fact that everything takes ten times as long or the  fact that I can’t drive. It’s the fact that I have become so dependent on other people. This is the one thing that I am finding hard to  live with. Going to the shops or dropping & picking up my children from school all depend on someone helping me. I have had many offers of help but for the next nine weeks or more I am going to be a pain in the arse for a lot of people.

It has been two weeks now since surgery and I have a wound check appointment tomorrow. Not sure what they will do. I know the wound is fine. Just need the stitches taking out which I could do myself being a nurse. I will post up tomorrow how it went.