Early morning stiffness and skiing at 14 weeks

Hi to everybody. On my last post I was FWB with crutches. Things have progressed rapidly I think. I managed to wean myself of the walking boot a couple of weeks after Christmas. Yes it hurt & I had a lot of heel pain but the fact I was mobile again & able to drive made up for that.

My ankle was so stiff to being with in the morning that it took me a while to get going in the morning. I kept getting alot of pain walking when I wore my boots through the snow but I discovered that it was more the scar that was painful rather than the tendon. I still have a limp but that is getting less noticeable as the weeks go by.

Physio start just after the new year. Lots of stretching exercises so far. No muscle strengthening exercises as yet. She was not best pleased that I went skiing at 14 weeks. I promised myself that if it hurt to get my ski boot on then I would call it a day but the ski boot just felt like the walking boot but tighter. Just reds & blue in Bulgaria so it was fairly gentle.

I have started back to work this week. Short shifts of 7.5hrs to start with. They have been OK so far everybody is looking after me.

I even tried to run after my daughter but found that my right leg justĀ collapsedĀ under me. Need to build back up the strength I think. I can’t run but what do you lot think about cycling. I have been down the street and back. A grand distance of about 100 meters. I felt OK but I am not sure if I am pushing myself too much.

Well that’s all for now.


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  1. Bicycling itself should be fine. You can always shift your foot forward, so your heel is pushing more than the ball of your foot. That relieves your AT of the strain.

    With a Right-side ATR, you have to worry most about sudden stops, where you tip your weight onto your right foot. On the curb is easier than on the road, but HALF on the curb is scary, and you can’t always choose where you make an emergency stop.

    I took my first few bike rides with the boot on, before I even graduated to 2 shoes. If you’re still in the boot, bicycling should be pretty safe. After you’re 2-shoes, you can still use the boot for scary outings, and bicycling may be one of those. . .

  2. I skied a week in Whistler — blues and blacks, groomed and ungroomed — at 17 weeks post-non-op. (No scar to worry about or irritate! ;-) )

    My only concession to the ATR was that I used thinner ski socks on my left (ATR) foot. (I’m just back from another Whistler week, and my feet were happiest with BOTH of them in thinner ski socks!) My main problem was my wimpy thighs (after 13 months without skiing), which couldn’t take a lot of the unusually heavy (warm) snow without complaining.

  3. I’ve been using an exercise bike to buid up some muscle and just started some very short tentative jogging. I also intend to go cycling as soon as the weather picks up.

  4. Bike is fine in fact they had me on the bike before they had me walking. Your body will tell you if it’s to much. I am about a year and a half post op now and don’t even notice it much unless I think about it. At some point I moved from the bike to the eliptical machine and like that much better. It’s helped me build up some of the muscle I’ve lost although it’s still not back to where it was.

  5. Wow! You’re just way too active!! LOL!
    I think a good many people on this site live “Active Lifestyles” and really look forward to getting back to it… Personally, I’m just not that active. I’m just fairly healthy without all that running and cycling and stuff :P
    I do yard work and goof off in the pool… sometimes play a pick up game of basketball just for fun (which is what landed me in this boat, btw)…
    But having a yearning desire to get back to jogging or cycling or skiing or whatever… Not so much. :)

    Congratulations to you guys on your fabulous recoveries! I’m glad you’re able to get back to doing the things you love. Keep up the good work.

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