Two Years!

Hey all-
It has been forever since I’ve posted - mostly because I haven’t had much to report.  I do check in with the site from time to time, but as you all will discover, once you’ve healed there are so many other things that demand your attention.  Hang in there and you’ll eventually get to [...]

Other foot update

So this other foot thing (see prev post) has been a crazier deal than my rather straightforward ATR.  The third radiologist that I spoke with (after getting plain films that showed no foreign body) agreed that there was metal artifact on my MRI, but that my real diagnosis was a tear of my third plantar [...]

Ya gotta be kiddin me…

Ok, so, my ATR recovery has been going just fine.  I started back playing Ultimate quite a few months ago and haven’t been having any problems - other than struggling to get my fitness level up.
About 2 months ago, I started noticing that after playing, my OTHER foot was starting to hurt in the forefoot [...]

Can’t skip July

Wow, more than a month has gone by since my last post!  I guess that is because there really isn’t anything new to report.  I’ve been playing Ultimate ~2x/wk for the month and have had no issues related to my ATR.  Mostly, I continue to be frustrated at my level of cardiovascular fitness.  I did [...]

Scene of the crime

Today, I cleared an emotional hurdle: I went to play pickup ultimate at the place where I ruptured back in September.  It wasn’t the first time that I had gone there - I did so ~ 2 weeks ago - but at that time my schedule only allowed me 20 of playing time.  Today I [...]

Final PT session

I “graduated” from PT today - really at my suggestion.  I figured that although the every-other-week attention was nice, it was time to be finished.  When I told my PT that I was back to playing Ultimate Frisbee and running, jumping, stopping and cutting without hesitation, he agreed that there wasn’t much more that I [...]

I think I’ll be ready…

…for summer ultimate frisbee league!  On Saturday, I played ultimate outdoors for the first time since ATR.  I did some standard stretching before playing and had no ATR related issues.  The only things that I noticed were tangential: I was slower, got tired more quickly and couldn’t jump as high as I remembered (although I [...]

The ‘dad is outta shape…

Lovely spring day here in Colo - figured it was time to get outside. Since my PT still doesn’t want me running on pavement, I decided to go for a spin on my road bicycle. Now, I was a little nervous because the last time I was on a bike was 4 days [...]

Ski Week

Spent last week up at Snowmass, CO with family and friends and had a great time!  It was the first skiing that I’d managed to fit in this year.  Had a bit of an issue w/my new, fancy ski boots - even had to switch back to my old boots in the middle of the [...]

But it’s a good sore…

Woke up feeling creaky and old this AM.  That’s because I played nearly 2 hour of indoor Ultimate last night.  Can’t say I went all out, but I did sprint a few times and didn’t hold back w/jumping.  Didn’t feel a thing, good or bad, w/my achilles.  What I really noticed: 1) I do not [...]