Two Years!

Hey all-

It has been forever since I’ve posted - mostly because I haven’t had much to report.  I do check in with the site from time to time, but as you all will discover, once you’ve healed there are so many other things that demand your attention.  Hang in there and you’ll eventually get to where I am.

I’ve been doing a bunch of bicycling this summer, both road and mountain bikes.  Since today is the 2nd anniversary of my ATR, I wanted to do something significant to mark the day.  I decided on a 17+ mile ride of the Douglas County (CO) East-West Trail.  The trail consists of surfaces ranging from paved to sandy to gravel to hard-packed dirt.  It has got flat, straight, curvy, hairpin, bumpy, and steep sections.  A few of the climbs really push me to my limit.  To make today’s ride even more challenging, I rode an 8-mile “prologue” from my house to the beginning of the trail and then a 3-mile “epilogue” home along regular streets for a total of 28 miles.  The “prologue” almost did me in as it is nearly all uphill.  At about the two-hour mark, I had to stop several times to get my quads to stop cramping.  The whole ride took me 3 hours, 20 minutes.  There were a few times where I felt less like I was riding the trail and more like I was surviving the trail.  Surprisingly, as I sit here, my ATR calf feels better than anything else below my waist!

If anyone is interested, the summary of my ride is here:  Don’t believe the “Leaderboard’s” listing me doing the ride twice today.  If you have 8 minutes to kill, click on the “3D” button in the upper right corner of the map.  It takes you on a Google Earth flyover of my ride.

Happy healing, all, and remember that you WILL get back to doing what you love!


7 Responses to “Two Years!”

  1. Hi Ultidad!

    My 2 year is coming up, remember me?

    Well I partially ruptured the repaired tendon.

    I’m back!

  2. Hi Mari-
    Of course I remember you. So sorry to hear about your new injury. I hope that you heal as quickly as possible.

  3. Thank you!

  4. Hey Ultidad. It’s good to hear your doing well. Not sure if you remember me but you and I both ruptured our achilles about 2 years ago and belive it or not I just ruptured my other leg last week. Lucky me huh…Almost like a freak accident…I did it doing exactly the same thing that caused the left leg to rupture. Damn Flag Football!!! Anyhow good to hear all is going well for you!

  5. Dude-
    Sorry to hear about your other leg.
    Last winter I started getting paranoid about my other leg - I even went so far as to learn how to drive with my left leg - in case I ruptured my right. That paranoia passed, but I’ve lately noticed some twinges on my right side. My ATR wasn’t totally out of the blue: I had had pain for 4-6 weeks before rupturing, so this new pain has me rather on edge.

  6. ultidad - Congrats on your 2nd year anniversary! Glad to hear that you are staying active, and you are back to biking. Are you still playing ultimate?
    It really helps to hear back from AchillesBloggers every so often and hear that we are doing well.
    (Well, I had a minor setback with a calf injury, but I think I am mostly recovered from that. and I am getting myself in shape to get back to playing basketball.)
    Looking forward to your future posts, and congrats again.

  7. Thanks, Dennis. And a huge thanks to you for this site!
    I’m back to playing ultimate - I aim for twice a week. I did have a bit of a paranoid scare in October: I started feeling little twinges on my unruptured side. So, I took a month off and consulted with a med school pal who is an academic foot-ankle ortho. He recommended an MRI, which I got. Result: totally normal - no signs of tendinosis. I’m now back to chasing the flying plastic disc with the enthusiasm of a teenager!

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