Can’t skip July

Wow, more than a month has gone by since my last post!  I guess that is because there really isn’t anything new to report.  I’ve been playing Ultimate ~2x/wk for the month and have had no issues related to my ATR.  Mostly, I continue to be frustrated at my level of cardiovascular fitness.  I did get the chance earlier in the month to take my kids to visit my parents in Michigan.  They live on a small lake where we used to do a ton of waterskiing.  It took me four tries, but I finally got up on one ski (I refuse to get up on two and drop).  Here’s a photo - my ATR leg is my back leg, again no issues:  Oh, well, I guess no photo.  I get a message saying that “file does not meet security guidelines.  try another” - whatever that means…

3 Responses to “Can’t skip July”

  1. Have you posted photos here before, Dad? I haven’t, but many people succeeded after reading chocolata’s tips, as I recall.

  2. I have, but it has been a while - possibly before the blog moved to a new host.

  3. Hang in there, I heard that sometimes it can take a long long time to be back to normal, but apparently once day it just happens and suddenly you find that for example that limp disappears and you are walking normal again or that the body is doing something which it struggled to do for weeks.

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