Scene of the crime

Today, I cleared an emotional hurdle: I went to play pickup ultimate at the place where I ruptured back in September.  It wasn’t the first time that I had gone there - I did so ~ 2 weeks ago - but at that time my schedule only allowed me 20 of playing time.  Today I played for a full hour and more importantly, did not mention my ATR to anyone.  Yeah, I’m still a fair ways away from my previous level of conditioning, but getting to that level feels more attainable.  The best part of the afternoon was that I caught the final score, catching the disc at full jump/extension and landing with one foot just inside the corner of the endzone.  I’ll be replaying it in my mind for a while!  Now I just need to get someone to get an action shot of me that I can sign and give to my PT for his wall…

6 Responses to “Scene of the crime”

  1. Kewl! Don’t stop!

  2. Ultidad: Congrats getting through going back to the scene of the crime. I had a similar experience (minus the game ending score) and I felt crazy thinking that way. Once again, it is good to know others are feeling the same way. I just accepted teaching more training sessions at the same field of my rupture starting next week. Kind of eerie for me since we are during a World Cup now and it was the 2006 World Cup when my shenanigans began. I just have to get through July 4th at 11:25 A.M. Ha!
    Anyway…Happy Healing!

  3. Did you do dance and then spike it into the grass? LOL Congrats on that achievement. I may be ready to try a bit of running in another week or so, but we’ll see.

  4. Congratulations on getting back to doing what you love!

  5. Norm, Smish, Gail - thanks
    Gerry - lately I’ve been too winded to do much celebrating. Plus, I’ve always been more into subdued celebration - just lay the disc down at the goal line and act like it is no big deal. I would’ve made a terrible soccer player ;)

  6. I’m going to register for the 10k where I got injured.
    It’s in September, we’ll see.

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