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Final PT session

I “graduated” from PT today - really at my suggestion.  I figured that although the every-other-week attention was nice, it was time to be finished.  When I told my PT that I was back to playing Ultimate Frisbee and running, jumping, stopping and cutting without hesitation, he agreed that there wasn’t much more that I needed from them.  I did make him write down a stretching regimen for me to follow before playing.  He said that the active stretching exercises have been shown to be more beneficial than the passive ones, but that doing the passive ones were still worth doing.  He said that his biggest concern was now my non-injured leg and suggested that I should continue with eccentric strengthening exercises with both legs.

Unlike tomingeorgia, I don’t think this’ll be my last post, but I agree w/him that this injury is not as bad as I first feared.  For those of you who are early in the recovery, I hope that you have my experience of forgetting the bad parts more quickly than you expect.

Today, before going to PT, I went and played some pick-up w/the group that I was playing with the day I ruptured.  Aside from telling a couple of guys that no, this wasn’t the first time that I’d played w/them, I didn’t think about my Achilles at all (just moaned a little about the relatively lower state of fitness that I’m in right now).

2 Responses to “Final PT session”

  1. Congrats Dad!!!

    I also graduated from PT and my ortho, yesterday. They both agreed I did not need them anymore, at 17 weeks post-op and ATR. I’ve been playing softball and tennis for weeks now, hit the cycle last week - PT asked if I was playing in an over 85 league - I’m 65).

    Getting that cleared for all sports milestone feels great after the long recovery. I still have to work on building strength and endurance, but PT and doc agreed that my current regimen will do that just fine…..


  2. Congratulations Ron. Glad to hear you’re back to normal.

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