The ‘dad is outta shape…

Lovely spring day here in Colo - figured it was time to get outside. Since my PT still doesn’t want me running on pavement, I decided to go for a spin on my road bicycle. Now, I was a little nervous because the last time I was on a bike was 4 days before my ATR. I had just set off on my mountain bike and I wiped out on a slick spot near the curb and whacked my face pretty good on the sidewalk. Fortunately, my ride was without incident other than being totally gassed after only 20 minutes. Not sure how far I went in those 20 min - I forgot to start my bike computer, but now that I’ve gotten the first ride out of the way I can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s weather brings. Oh, only when I was really concentrating could I tell a difference between my ATR leg and the other. All I noticed was that my ATR leg seemed slightly weaker.

2 Responses to “The ‘dad is outta shape…”

  1. I got out of breath doing yardwork this past weekend. Pathetic. I should have been riding the stationary bike this whole time. At least I can walk now and hopefully jog soon.

  2. You’re way farther along than I am, ‘dad, but I’ve certainly noticed how out-of-shape I am when bicycling since my ATR. I started fairly early, climbing up one of Toronto’s meanest hills to get to my PT, and it was pretty brutal.

    Bicycling is a great way to get the bod — legs, heart, lungs — back into shape. Skiing, especially on warm (and deep and heavy) snow, is also a real test of the thighs, as I discovered last week in Whistler!

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