Ski Week

Spent last week up at Snowmass, CO with family and friends and had a great time!  It was the first skiing that I’d managed to fit in this year.  Had a bit of an issue w/my new, fancy ski boots - even had to switch back to my old boots in the middle of the week.  This had nothing to do w/my achilles, tho - more of a general fit problem.  It started snowing Wed and by Thurs there was over a foot of new powder - my favorite.  My kids (ages 11, 11, 11, 9) were actually complaining that the powder was too deep because with their short skis and lighter weights, they kept getting slowed/stopped.  Good thing that I had them in ski school and their instructor got to deal w/the whining ;).  I demoed some “fatties” for Thurs and was quite pleased.  My favorite feeling while skiing is popping between a couple of trees, dropping 6-8 feet into deep powder and getting snow-splashed in the face and this happened nearly every run on Thurs.  Overall, the only time that I ever noticed my achilles was when walking back up the hill to the condo from the Snowmass Mall.  Here’s a photo of me and my pals midmountain:

guess which one had the ATR...

guess which one had the ATR...

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  1. I give up, which one? Or was that the point?

    I expected to see one guy with one boot propped up on the fence — but maybe I’ll have stopped “sneaking” the foot into the air after 31 weeks. 17 Weeks after my non-op, it still feels nice to elevate a coupla times a day.

    My only skiing of this season starts Monday in Whistler, and I am keen! I still have to down-tune one of my heel bindings — and mark my skis so I can make sure that’s the binding I have on my left foot!

    8 yrs ago, when I went skiing in April after my first ATR, I left that heel binding at DIN 3.5 (IIRC), but now that sounds scary low! (So far, I’ve always hurt myself worse by popping out when I should have stayed in, rather than the other way ’round. Of course, I don’t want to suddenly balance that account. . .)

  2. I’m guessing the guy with the ATR is on the left with his left foot propped up. I like Snowmass. I spent a day skiing the Big Burn during a big storm many years ago with a friend. I think we were the only ones skiing it that day, but what a kick it was.

  3. Norm- you’re right, that was the point. I left my binding settings where they were for the reason you’ve said - worse things happen when I pop out. Have fun at Whistler - the 2nd-from-right-in-the-photo guy and I had a >35,000 ft vert day there many moons ago. I think that we were on the Blackcomb side, but managed 7 top-to-bottoms. I can still remember how wasted my thighs were on the last run.

    Gerry- wrong side of the photo. I’m at front, right - all black w/grey shirt and hat. I was instructing the photographer on my camera and was the last to get in the pic. Can’t wait for next year!

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