But it’s a good sore…

Woke up feeling creaky and old this AM.  That’s because I played nearly 2 hour of indoor Ultimate last night.  Can’t say I went all out, but I did sprint a few times and didn’t hold back w/jumping.  Didn’t feel a thing, good or bad, w/my achilles.  What I really noticed: 1) I do not have the same level of fitness that I did the day I got injured, and 2) I could tell that my left calf muscles were significantly weaker than the right.  I also realized that I am not yet ready to play man-man defense.  Still, overall I had a blast - it was a great way to celebrate the 6 month anniversary of my surgery.  I can’t wait until next Fri PM.

Took my boys and a friend of theirs to a cool park near here.  Here they are “on top of the world”:


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  1. Congratulations on getting back to your sport, you’re on your way!

  2. Sounds like fun, Dad! I’ve never played Ultimate, but several friends are very serious about it, and it sounds like a great sport — and a great sport for injuries! (And so is volleyball, my fave!)

    Are you up to doing a bunch of 1-legged calf raises yet, without heroic effort, like grunting and groaning?

  3. Thanks, Gail
    Norm, I’m doing 10-12 w/1 leg, although they are kinda half-raises - I can get my heel off the floor, but can’t get all the way up on the ball of my foot like I can w/my non-injured side. Either way, the soreness that I wrote of above is hips-thighs-knees, not calf or ankle.

  4. I’d settle for those wimpy heel raises, Dad! But my physio has been telling me that I’m better off doing super-high raises (or the same extensions horizontally against a machine) with light resistance, rather than settling for shorter ones with bigger resistance. I don’t remember (or didn’t understand) the explanation, but he was very clear about his preference.

  5. I can’t figure out where I can leave a general comment so I hope it’s okay I’m posting here. I am on my second night of no sleep (why I’m awake at 3:18am) due to intense pain/burning on the side of my heel/ankle area. It feels raw just in that area. I have a “window’ cut in the back of my cast where I can check the incision. I took a peek just to see what I could see. The incision area looks great but the side of my foot that hurts feels rough and very hot when I gently felt it. The other side did not. Does this sound like a pressure sore? Should I ask for the doc to check? I would be in no pain if it weren’t for this.

  6. Sounds like a pressure point, I had that from the cast a got at ER before surgery. It’s a unique burning pain not like normal post op pain. You should call your doc today.

  7. Hi sara,
    My first cast put by ER gave me a pressure pain. My big toe hurt a lot at night and I couldn’t sleep at all. You should call your clinic right away for re-check.

  8. I’ve played Ultimate before, so I know what it takes to get out there. All I can say is GOOD JOB!!!
    The weather is starting to get nice here in Central Illinois and I want to get back out playing some disc golf, riding my cycle, and maybe some jogging, but the PT hasn’t given my the all clear yet.

    It’s been 4 months since surgery, I hope at 6 months I can be as active as you are.

    Congrats and good luck.

  9. Sara- I hope that by now you’ve contacted your doctor. If you can see the place where it hurts, check for redness. You saying that the area is “very hot” makes me worry about an infection.

  10. I did call and go in. They removed my cast and some areas were starting to get red and irritated. Not a pressure sore yet ,but the surgeon said it was good I came in since it could have gone that way. He have me a new cast which is feeling good. My foot is also at a new angle 10 degrees shy of neutral. This makes me very happy. In 2 weeks I get my walking boot and he is hoping to get my foot in neutral.

  11. I’m glad you’ve got a comfortable cast this time. Have good night sleep tonight!

    I have an appointment with a consultant at the clinic for tomorrow, hoping I can hear good news on my AT recovery.

  12. I’m in my second new cast now and experiencing the same pain. It burns and feels uncomfortable down the outside of my foot and heel like it is chafing/rubbing. Maybe I have bony feet? How uncomfortable are casts supposed to be?

    I still can’t figure out how to post a general comment??

  13. I’m not sure there’s an obvious place to post a general comment, Sara. Some people do it at “So you think you’ve ruptured your Achilles” (or some such). The best place is on your own blog, after you set it up!

    Maybe you can convince your Doc to put you straight into that boot. There’s nothing a cast can do that a boot can’t do just as well, except (a) chafe, be unadjustably the wrong size, etc., and (b) totally keep you from getting access to your foot.

    Some professionals may be unaware that all the angle adjustments that can be made in a cast, can also be made with a boot, e.g., with simple heel-lift wedges, etc.

    If you can convince your Doc you won’t abuse the privilege of being able to access your foot, maybe you can get into it tomorrow. Boots are cushy and padded, and also adjustable. If you’re developing a sore, you could — even without help, if necessary — lie/sit on a bed, take the cast off, and add some padding to the sore spots, or smear soothing ointments on your foot, etc. (Try THAT in a cast!)

  14. I’ll call the office and explain my plight and see what they say. I’ve wanted a boot from the start and convinced my surgeon to give it to me a bit earlier than he wished which will be 2 weeks from now. His reasoning is to protect me from myself and my 2 small children. His fear is I take the boot off and my four year old jumps on my foot or something. I see his point but we have been able to be careful. I do think it is ridiculous I’ve had to start taking pain relievers again because of my cast and not my injury!

  15. Dear Sara

    With your painful cast experience, I suggest you ask for a boot with as many straps as possible to maximize your ability to adjust the boot to your foot/ankle/leg. I found my newer Aircast boot with only 3 straps did not hold my foot well. I kept lifting my heel, and no adjustment or air bladder pressure would keep the ankle firmly seated in the boot. The resultant chafing on the incision site was uncomfortable.

    My old Bledsoe boot with 6 straps did a great job holding my leg/ankle/foot firmly, but gently.

    At PT today I met a person who had surgery the same day and with the same surgeon as me. She also found the Aircast boot uncomfortable, and now has a comfortable Bledsoe boot.

  16. Played another hour+ last night. Achilles feels fine and I’m not as sore as last week, but boy am I out of shape! Time to stop taking days off from the exercise bike.

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