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At PT on Wednesday, I told my therapist about my outdoor walk/jog.  I was somewhat relieved that his reply was, “good for you”.  He gave me to OK to do more than just the treadmill, but said that he’d prefer that I stick to level surfaces that weren’t too hard.  I guess that meant to sidewalks and no rutted-up trails.  Then, I saw my surgeon yesterday at work - first time that I’d seen him since my last appointment in November.  He took a quick peek/feel and said that things were just fine.  I told him about my PT progress and he expressed disappointment that I wasn’t being moved along faster.  I brushed it off by saying that I was happy enough with how things were going.  So, tonight was indoor frisbee night and I announced to the group that I was stepping up to jogging/trotting.  I did stick to that - no sprints or really quick push-offs, but I did allow myself to jump for the disc.  And it felt great!  We finished about 1/2 hour ago and I feel fine.  I do think that I’ll go put some ice on now while I watch the Olympics.

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  1. That is great! A jump for the frisbee? I am impressed.

  2. If you can jog, and jump for a frisbee, I personally don’t see why you couldn’t walk anywhere you wanted to. Look, when normal healthy people walk over rocky river beds or rutted trails in the woods, they usually wear hiking boots, largely for support and protection. Nobody wants to twist or sprain an ankle.

    If it were me, I’d go by the feel and feedback, and common sense. (Sidewalks are level, but they’re VERY HARD — trust me, I’ve landed on a few! So are they OK for you according to that PT?)

  3. That is all pretty cool. The one thing I would offer is to avoid running on concrete. It is by the far the worst surface for running because there is no give to it at all. I read a study 20+ years ago about running surfaces and running related injuries and concrete was at the top of list in terms of incidence of injury.

  4. I’m waiting for the day I can get back to some Disc Golf. That’s one thing I really miss…but the ground isn’t always flat and best footing.


    “Slow and Steady Wins THIS Race”.

  5. Josher, F,G,C - thanks

    Norm, Gerry - PT doesn’t want me on sidewalks yet. Since we got some snow over the weekend, I think I’ll stick to indoor things for a while - there is so much clay soil around here that going on wet trails means shoes caked beyond belief.

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