Getting frisky…

So, today I went out to the spot that I mentioned during my last post.  I got a fancy altimeter watch for my birthday and I wanted to calibrate it to a known altitude (and then hurry home and see what it said the altitude of my front porch was).  Knowing that it was about a mile from the parking lot to the spot and that when I was doing the alternating fast walking/slow jogging on the treadmill I was going more than a mile, I decided that it was time for a road test.  Rather than alternating based on time (as I was doing on the treadmill), I decided to alternate based on the number of steps.  So, I walked 120 steps, then jogged 80 steps.  And it felt great.  The ground was reasonably soft, but not muddy, from some 4-day old snow.  The sun was shining and it was a crisp 45 degrees out.  By the time I got to the spot, I had definitely gotten my heart rate up.  I calibrated my watch and then repeated the walk/jog back to my car.  I got in my car and looked at my watch and almost screamed.  Somehow, it was off by over 2200 feet!  I’m not sure what happened, but I didn’t have time to go back and calibrate it again.  It is now over 7 hours later and I have no pain/stiffness/soreness.  Now I just have to wait until next week to hear my PT’s opinion about me accelerating my PT plan.

5 Responses to “Getting frisky…”

  1. ultidad - happy birthday! Glad to hear that you’ve been able to walk/jog. Guess you’ll be back to playing frisbee in the spring??

  2. Hey…BIG CONGRATS!!!!

    I’m dreaming of the day when I’ll be able to start back on a walk\jog program.

    Becareful…..”Slow and Steady wins THIS race”.

  3. Good job. I am really jealous of anyone who is back to running.

  4. Awesome News!! No stiffness must be nice. I still get pretty tight a couple hours after i work my AT.

  5. Sounds good to me, ultidad. At 9 weeks, I’m happy to be able to walk/jog/skip in my hinged boot! In two shoes, I’m still pretty gimpy and slow — and not relaxed at all, either!

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