More progress

At PT on Wednesday, I told my therapist about my outdoor walk/jog.  I was somewhat relieved that his reply was, “good for you”.  He gave me to OK to do more than just the treadmill, but said that he’d prefer that I stick to level surfaces that weren’t too hard.  I guess that meant to [...]

Getting frisky…

So, today I went out to the spot that I mentioned during my last post.  I got a fancy altimeter watch for my birthday and I wanted to calibrate it to a known altitude (and then hurry home and see what it said the altitude of my front porch was).  Knowing that it was about [...]

22 weeks

So, here in Colorado we tend to pay attention to altitude more than most other places do.  The signs that announce when you’ve entered a new city/town list elevation rather than population.  The highest place in my town is called Highlands Point.  It is about 3 miles from my house, nearly all uphill.  Plug 39.511645,-104.95629 [...]