Happy Birthday to me…

…I’m a hundred and three…

OK, really only 45% of that.

Had another PT session on Thursday and was allowed to do some jogging on the treadmill for the first time.  Before you get too excited for me, the drill was: fast walking for 60 seconds, then speed up to barely a jog for 30 sec, then repeat to a maximum of 10 minutes.  That worked out to a whopping 6 segments of 30 sec.  3 minutes total.  Not ready to chill the champagne over this one.  It did feel weird, tho.  Not bad, just kinda tight.

So, today is my birthday and one of the highlights was going to the rec center and doing another 10 minute walk/jog.  That was followed by playing some more indoor frisbee - walking the whole time without doing any jumping.  The guys with whom I played were all very understanding - even apologizing when they threw the disc out of my reach (although I did get the obligatory “doctor heal thyself” crack).  I’m really hoping that at my next PT appt I’ll get approved to at least trot a little.

This summer before my ATR, I had a few run-ins with the pavement while cycling - scroll down to see some of the damage.  With that in mind, here is the b’day card that my in-laws sent to me:

At a certain age, everything is an Extreme sport!

“At a certain age, everything is an Extreme sport!  Happy Birthday”

PHOTO: Scott Dingman * CARD: Avanti Press, Inc.

6 Responses to “Happy Birthday to me…”

  1. After I tore my first AT (8 yrs ago, volleyball), my surgeon came up with a rule of thumb that seems sensible to me: “lay off the serious sports until you can do 8 1-legged calf raises without grunting or sweating!”

    It worked for me, and when I could, I returned to volleyball at pretty close to the same level as before the ATR. (Had 7 excellent seasons, too, ’til I tore the other side!)

  2. You’re 46.35 years old? Happy birthday and congrats on being able to jog for even 30 seconds. I doubt I could last 10 seconds. I like that birthday card. :D

  3. That card is awesome!

    Happy Birthday, I had mine on Thursday.

  4. That card is hilarious! When I went to the hospital for my surgery, the nurse looked at me and said, “Riding a SCOOTER!?!?! And how old are we?” I answered, “I don’t know about you, but I’m only 49!” Can’t wait ’til I’m rehabbed enough to engage in more extreme sports- like walking in 2 shoes, standing on one foot, and driving on the freeway :)

  5. Congratulations Ron!
    On both: the B-day and the great accomplishment of jogging.
    (and for the in-laws with a good sense of humor)

    I was given the green light for anything - though advised not to try taekwondo again…

  6. Norm- thanks for the tip, although since I haven’t been told to start 1-legged raises, I’m guessing then that it’ll be a while

    Gerry- OK, the real percentage is 44.6601941747573%

    Mari- thanks, and Happy Birthday to you as well

    Mary- gotta love the “we” from the nurses - I think that they get taught that in school

    2nd- thanks. When I was talking with one of the other PTs after Dennis, my main PT had left, he brought up my “bulletproof” status (see my post from 11/19/09). I told him that I’d still wait for approval from Dennis. Glad to hear that you’ve reached green light status!

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